10 Best Calcium Tablets for Women and Men in India 2022 (2023)

Calcium is generally thought to be associated with strong bones, but this nutrient is also essential for promoting muscle contraction, regulating heart rhythm and blood coagulation.

Although the main sources of calcium alternative milk and other dairy products, it will automatically reduce the selection of people in the diet and nutrition.

But the necessary dose of calcium can get from the tablet.Do not worry;The following calcium supplements are safe for consumption.

Best Calcium Pills for Men and Women in India 2022

TrueBasics Advance Calcium - 1000 mg:

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If you are looking for the best calcium supplements to provide your body with the right amount of calcium while improving bone density, then this is the right choice you can trust. This calcium tablet comes from HealthKart, one of the trusted brands in the market.

This calcium tablet mainly includes calcium citrate and 100% RDA of vitamin D3, which combine bone density and strength in the most effective way. In addition, these tablets provide the benefits of plant extracts such as alfalfa, moringa, etc. to mineralize the bones according to the body's requirements.

Another advantage of these tablets is that they are easily absorbed by the body. Thanks to vitamin K2-MK7, all calcium content is completely absorbed and reaches the bones instead of the arteries.

In addition to delivering the proper amount of calcium to the body, these tablets also provide other essential minerals in a balanced amount, such as magnesium,zinc, copper, boron etc. Last but not the least, these tablets are clinically tested and safe for consumption without causing any side effects to the user.


  • Suitable for daily calcium needs that meet the human body
  • Increases the density and power of bone
  • It is easily absorbed by the body and reaches the bones
  • You can also use herbal medicine to draw out the body and mineralize the body
  • No side effects on the body

Cortical Bone and Beauty Appendix Calcium:Best calcium pills for women

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The last but not least, we have a corcal calcium and beauty supplement on our list of the best calcium tablets in India 2022.

First of all, these calcium tablets not only strengthen bones, but also provide users with many other important benefits.This natural calcium supplement helps to make the skin radiant, reduce hair loss problems and improve the quality of nails.

The best companion for users to improve calcium intake, these calcium tablets are made from 100% natural coral grains. In addition, it also contains gold, silver, zinc and other minerals,ironAnd bring the best advantages to its users.

These tablets are easy to consume and can be easily absorbed by the user's bones to get the necessary benefits without any problems. Finally, these capsules are made from a clinically tested formula, so there are no harmful side effects on the users. This only helps to improve the overall health condition of the user.


  • Reduce hair loss, improve nail quality and glow
  • Clinical trial products have reduced all adverse side effects
  • It provides the desired benefits by using 100% pure and natural coral beads
  • Simple consumption, bones are easy to absorb it

Naturiz Calcium Plus - 500 mg:

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The next calcium option on our list of best calcium tablets in India 2022 is Naturyz calcium plus. The brand is a reliable name on the market whose goal is to provide users with high quality products.

These tablets are very effective in maintaining the health and density of the user's bones and teeth. In addition, regular consumption of these tablets ensures optimal improvement of flexibility and joint mobility.

To make them suitable for all types of users, they are easily absorbed by the body. Also, it does not contain any harmful chemicals, therefore it does not cause side effects in users. Many health experts believe that the product helps the nerves, muscles and cells in the user's body to function properly.

Finally, you only need to take 1-2 slices of the product each day to get the maximum expected benefits, thereby improving muscle and bone health.


  • Designed to increase bone density and teeth
  • Increase the flexibility and mobility of the joints
  • Is easily absorbed in the body without any problems
  • There are no side effects on the user's body and muscles

Healthkart calcium 1000 mg:

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HealthKart is one of the well-known names in the market for providing quality and reliable products to its users. The brand is also trusted by many healthcare professionals for providing effective, result-oriented and affordable products.

First of all, these calcium tablets are rich in calcium and vitamin D3. Both of these ingredients will combine and do their best to improve bone health and density. These pills can also be trusted to improve bone strength in the best possible way.

In order to be suitable for all types of users, these tablets are easily absorbed by bones. This helps to make the tablets very suitable for users of all age groups.

Finally, regular consumption of these calcium tablets ensures flexible and moving bones and joints.He can also be believed to improve the quality of the health of user's teeth without any problems or side effects.You only need 1-2 capsules a day to get the maximum benefit of you want.


  • Focus on improving bone strength and density
  • There are no harmful side effects
  • Bones are easily absorbed
  • Regular consumption can improve joint flexibility and fluidity

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Himalayan Organic Organic Calcium Complex-500 mg:

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Himalayan organic calcium tablets are known for their strong benefits for users. These capsules are made of natural ingredients and can be eaten safely.

To ensure maximum user health and safety, these calcium tablets are made into a pure and 100% organic consumer product. This reduces the risk of any health problems for the user.

Apart from controlling all the health risks for the user, these calcium tablets also offer some great benefits for the user. Great efforts are made to increase the density and strength of the user's bones. Furthermore, with regular consumption, users can ensure recovery as well as better and more focused muscle function and hormonal support.

Not only do these capsules make bones stronger, but also target the flexibility and mobility of the bone.Users can rely on these calcium tablets to optimally improve the flexibility and mobility of the joints and muscles.


  • No animals per -products or other preservatives and flavors
  • Reduce the risk of any health problems for users
  • Improves bone density, strength and hormonal support
  • Focus on better and more efficient muscle function

GNC Calcium Citrate 600mg Capsules:

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Next on our list of the best calcium pills are GNC Calcium Citrate Tablets. These calcium tablets are best for all vegetarians as they do not contain any non-vegetarian ingredients. It is one of the trusted and reliable products that brings numerous benefits to its users.

One of the best advantages of these calcium pills is that it goes straight into the bones and immediately makes them stronger.In addition, regular use of these capsules also optimally mineralizes the bones.

In addition, many health experts also believe that this product can reduce the risk of osteoporosis without effort.Also, its regular consumption reduces health risks such as heart disease, frequent bone fractures, etc.

Last but not least, these calcium tablets are also suitable for improving the quality and strength of the user's teeth. In order to avoid side effects on the user, it is made from pure and natural ingredients that provide herbal and pure benefits to the user.


  • Regular consumption reduces osteoporosis
  • Improves bone strength and mineralization
  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • It also improves the quality and health of the user's teeth
  • With magnesium and vitamin D3

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Alfalfa calcium carbamate:

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These calcium tablets are one of the best and excellent sources of calcium because it contains the right amount of calcium in the human body. It is an affordable product on the market.

First, it contains a completely natural form of calcium that is easily absorbed by the body. Each capsule of this product has 2.5 times greater absorption than any other calcium source. Also, to avoid any side effects for the user, it also prevents the formation of bloating or long-term calcium deposits.

Another advantage of using this tablet is that it reduces the fatigue and exhaustion of users.It even strengthens user immunity, allowing it to remain active for the longest time without any problems.

Due to the existence of vitamins A, C, E, D, K4, zinc andmagnesiumThese pills can support bones and increase joint intensity. Finally, it also supports the user's energy to produce metabolism.


  • Do not cause bloating or long-term calcium deposits
  • The absorption rate is 2.5 times faster than any other calcium source, and the effect is better
  • reduce fatigue and exhaustion
  • Improve and strengthen the user's immunity

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What is coral calcium?

Coral calcium, commonly known as calcium salt, comes from coral reef fossils.

Due to its many benefits, coral calcium is considered an effective and suitable alternative for the treatment of many health problems. It is a reliable choice for preventing cancer, heart disease and other related chronic health problems.

In addition, calcium coral is also reliable and is used to grow new bones during renewal surgery.wound.

How much calcium do you need every day?

The recommended calcium intake for adults is 1000 mg daily.This amount increases to 1200 mg daily for women over 50 and men over 70 years.

Taking effective calcium tablets regularly can reduce the gap between daily calcium needs and what our diet provides.

What are the symptoms of calcium deficiency?

To avoid any adverse reactions, it is best to check possible symptoms of calcium deficiency. Are you interested in understanding?

Here are some possible symptoms:

  • Pain in the back and joints
  • confusion and irritation
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Frequent fractures
  • Caries
  • Lack of coagulation
  • heart problems
  • HypertensionQuestion
  • Extreme fatigue from nail and skin related problems.

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The best calcium tablets

Best Calcium Tablets in India 2022force
TrueBasics Advance Calcium Tablets1000 mg
Naturiz Calcium Plus500 mg
Himalayan Organic Organic Calcium Capsules500 mg
Carbamide forte alfalfa tabletta kalcija1200 mg
GNC calcium citrat 600 mg capsule600 mg
HealthKart Calcium Tablets (60 Tablets)1000 mg
Corcal Bone and Beauty Calcium Carbonate Supplement225 mg

Best overall calcium supplement:

Among the options listed below, we recommend usingTrueBasics Advance Calcium Tablets.

In addition to having no harmful side effects, these calcium tablets also increase the density and power of the user bone.Also mineralizes the body with essential herbal extracts to meet daily calcium needs.

Do not forget that these calcium tablets are easily absorbed by the body and are therefore very useful. If you need any other information or details about the best calcium pills in India 2022, please leave a comment below. We will provide you with the help you need most.

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