23 Little Known Places To Touch A Man And Drive Him Crazy (2023)

What are the best places to touch a man?drive him crazy? Ma'am, the best places to touch a man are the most sensitive places that are often underestimated, but today you'll find out everything you need to know about these powerful pleasure triggers!

If you've been with your man for a while, you probably know where to touch him to make him feel good.

But do you know how to tap it so that it goes off the edge? Do you know what to do with your tongue and fingers to make your man scream your name and ask for more?

If you are really serious and want to drive him crazy with your skills, there is only one thing for you.CLICK HEREand watch how you become the master of the game of seduction.

you knowhow to make him addicted to you? If not, don't worry because you have me. And that's okay, you'll thank me later!

Now let's go through the list of things you can DO to make your man feel in the clouds! After that, we'll go over the list of things you can SAY to drive.the wild!

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Places to touch a man to drive him crazy: Where do men like to be touched?

23 Little Known Places To Touch A Man And Drive Him Crazy (1)Men like to be touched in different places, such as the inner thighs or the nipples. There are many other places that are often underestimated but are powerful erogenous zones for men. If you want to learn how to do itmake it crazy for you, this is what you should do!

Touch the back of his head - the slower the better

You might think your man won't feel as overwhelmed when you touch the back of his neck, but you're wrong. There are many nerves in the back of the head, and when you touch them, you can stimulate them in a number of ways.

To find the simplest yet most effective ways to get him to ask for more, all you have to do is learn.the language of desire.

So if you gently go through your man's hair and focus on the back of his head, it will give him chills and feel great.

He'll notice that you're trying to relax him, and he'll appreciate it. And it goes without saying that you don't have to stop touching his head, right?

Touch him below his belly button

But when I say touch, I don't mean that you touch it with your fingers, but with your tongue.

Of all the places to touch a mandrive him crazy, the area below your belly button is the most sensitive. It'll make you feel great once you startKisshis chest and down.

He will be very excited and show you.

She might tell you that it's not a good idea if you keep going like this and that you'll probably spend all morning in bed and be late for work. But if it makes you happy, then it's worth it, right?

You are allowed to do whatever you want because he will like every kiss and lick with your tongue.

(Video) 10 Secret Places To Touch A Woman That Will Drive Her Crazy!

Focus on your thumb

Many women think that they only need to focus on a man's penis to make him feel satisfied. But you should know that there are other parts of his body that can make him feel like heaven.

Believe it or not, men are very sensitive when it comes to their thumbs.

So to drive your man crazy, try sucking on your thumb because that will give him an idea to suck on something else, if you know what I mean.

And while you're at it, you won't believe how excited you are. you should know that's coolforeplay, and if you heat it like that, it will cum in no time.

Don't forget his point F

It's the same as a woman's G-spot, but the difference is that it's much easier to find a man's.

Your F-spot is where the tip of your penis connects to your shaft. You can stimulate it with your fingers, but guys prefer you do it with your tongue.

If you wantmake your husband go crazy for youJust give him a few gentle licks in that area and he'll go completely over the edge.

Make sure you do it gently because this area is quite delicate and you don't want to hurt it. Do it so he thinks you know what you're doing, so he can completely relax and let you do some work.

touch his ear and lobe

23 Little Known Places To Touch A Man And Drive Him Crazy (2)Okay, we all know that one of a man's erogenous zones is his ears, but you don't want to suddenly start licking them.

Instead, touch his ears and play with them. Then whisper something in her ear while you blow some warm air into her.

This will probably give you the chills and you will be ready for the next step.After that, you can start licking her while asking her what she wants to do with you right now.

This will instantly turn him on and you'll both end up in bed in no time. And if he continues the good work with the other parts of his body,an unforgettable orgasmit is 100% guaranteed!

Suck the bottom of her lips

If you want to break the routine in your relationship, try some new things. You can enjoy sucking your man's finger or playing with his F-spot, but you can also play with his lips.

To make things more interesting, tease him into kissing you, and when he does, don't let him kiss you right away, but show him that you want it.Play a little.

And when I say game, I meandirty game. Suck on her bottom lip and play with your tongue. But through this whole process, make sure you are the dominant one because that will turn him on even more.

If you see that he is dying to kiss you, then let him do it. And girl, he'll never forget that kiss.

touch her nipples

One of the best places to touch a man and drive him crazy is on his nipples. Make sure you do it delicately because if you are too rough you can hurt him and you will not reach your final goal.

That is why you should gently touch her nipples until they are hard. And when you see that reaction, kiss her and suck her gently while playing with your tongue.

This will make him so horny that he can't wait to get started.make lovewith you.

Any other touch you do will cool him down and he will never forget that experience with you.


Touch the inner part of her thighs.

I know a lot of women don't focus on their man's inner thighs, but you need to start with that because you can take him sky high with just one touch.

Start touching him gently, but don't neglect the other parts of his body either.This will make him feel good and he will see that it is you.do an effortfor him.

And while you're touching his thighs, he's dying for you to reach up and touch other parts of his body, too. And I don't even have to say which one, do I?

Touch their hands and forearms.

23 Little Known Places To Touch A Man And Drive Him Crazy (3)Gently touch your hands and/or forearms with your fingertips. If you're feeling wild and want to spice things up, you can resort to lightly licking his hands, forearms, and the inside of his wrist with the tip of your tongue.

Many men would literally die of pleasure if someone did this to them. remember that tooThe slow touch is the essential ingredient when it comes to creatingsexual tension.

Playing with your fingers and gently massaging your hands and forearms is romantic and a powerful source of pleasure, so never take it for granted!

play with his neck

For most women (including me) the neck is one of the most intense erogenous zones because it has so many nerve endings. Well, the same goes for men too!

You can kiss his neck, nibble on him and you can evenGive him the perfect hickey(if you and he are interested). Don't forget to use your tongue too.

Lick the front of his throat (all the way to his Adam's apple) and wait for him to turn into a horny beast. I'm not even kidding girl!

Caress her face and jaw.

If you have no idea what to do with your hands while kissing, here is a perfect idea. When you kiss your man, he touches his face and jaw with your hands. They say that a man's jawline is associated with masculinity.

caressing his manhood,make him super horny! It sounds strange, but it is absolutely true.

His face and jawline are definitely one of the best places to touch a man, drive him crazy and turn him on, so what are you waiting for?

play with her waist

When one of my friends asked meWhere should I touch my man to turn him on (other than his penis)?I told him to play with his waist. To be honest, a man's waist is vastly underestimated.

So if you're looking for places to touch a man and drive him wild, his waist is another area to play during foreplay. You can use your hands or your tongue and start drawing circles on his skin.

They can even bite (gently of course). And when you're done with the waist area, you can slowly move down. Also, don't forget to look into his eyes from time to time because it will make him even more excited.

Touch her inner arms

23 Little Known Places To Touch A Man And Drive Him Crazy (4)What makes the inner part of the arm so sensitive to touch is its thin and soft skin. In truth, inner arms are vastly underestimated just like a man's waist. You can stimulate this area with kisses, tongue or fingers.

You can gently stroke her skin while slowly moving toward the inside of her elbow. Add relaxing background music from your favorite playlist and there you have it – a perfect oasis for foreplay.

If you and your husband like BDSM and otherperverted things, you can playfully touch the inside of his arms when his arms are tied up. Trust me, this move will multiply her pleasure.

behind the knee

The area behind the knee is another sensitive part of a man's body, as it has thinner, more sensitive skin and many nerve endings. I admit I haven't paid much attention to this area, and I bet most of you haven't either. Let's change that today!

Gently run your fingers over the area during foreplay, or add more intensity and pressure to your touches during sex. This flirty trickdrive him crazy.

(Video) 7 Ways to Touch Your Husband and Drive Him Wild

The area behind the knee is also a "safe zone" to tease your man even in public (without being judged by others).

touch his ribs

Any area of ​​the body with thinner skin is more sensitive to touch than other areas of the body. If your guy is ticklish (and most of them usually are), try this area with slow, teasing touches.

Slowly run your hands up the sides of his body, drop random kisses on his ribs, or you can even nibble on his ribs if you want (and if he's comfortable with that too).

This exploration will help you develop unhealthy sexual tension. Never underestimate any part of your body, because each area is like an instrument that helps you create perfect harmony.

this prey

The perineum is between the anus and the testicles and just above the prostate, which is known as an organ with "great orgasmic power." Therefore, touching this sensitive area will instantly turn your man on.

Just a few swipes will drive him crazy! You can gently massage her perineum and when she's about to climax, you can push your knuckles a little deeper for long-lasting pleasure.

play with his beard

23 Little Known Places To Touch A Man And Drive Him Crazy (5)I don't know about you, but I LOVE playing with a man's beard. It's so satisfying that I think I enjoy it more than she does. She just thinks how she feels when someone runs their fingers through your hair. She feels amazing, doesn't she?

Well, we could say that the beard is the second hair of the man, so we should definitely pay more attention to it. When you date a man with a beard, it's about time you praise him!

You can start at the nape of the neck and slowly run your fingers through his beard. You can play with his beard in different ways. For example, you can run your fingers through his beard in a circular motion.

There are no rules here. The only rule is to be creative and, shall we say, sensible. Implement the game of playing with a beard in yourslove lifeit will make things ten times more exciting for him and for you.

His feet

I bet there isn't a single person in the world who doesn't enjoy foot massage. Why? Because there are a lot of nerve endings in the feet, which makes them another great area for stimulation. (I bet every foot fetishist would agree with me.)

You can use some massage oil and start massaging his feet. If you feel like adding some kissing and tongues to the equation, go ahead! After that, be sure to change positions so that you too can experience this divine foot stimulation.

play with her hair

I love it when a guy plays with my hair because it feels so relaxing and it's also a great boost to the rest of my body (if you know what I mean). Well ladies, guys love it too when you play with their hair.

The nerve endings in your man's scalp are connected to the rest of his body, so when you gently tug on his hair, that touch stimulates the rest of his body as well.

If you don't know what to do with your hands while you're kissing him, you can gently run your fingertips through his hair and scalp. Feel free to add some intensity after a while.

Remember that men live for playful teasing, so if you know how to do itdrive him crazy, he will see you as a true goddess of teasing.

hit his buttocks

Slapping a man's buttocks stimulates the entire area and gives him tremendous pleasure. In fact, tight buttocks are also a source of great joy for women.

I don't know about you, but I'm having a hard time keeping from spanking a nice guy's ass (preferably the gym one).

If your man agrees to play a spanking game while he's on top of you, you can give him a quick slap or squeeze his booty.

Maybe he doesn't even know he likes you, so you won't know if you don't try. Spice up your sex life is one of everyone's secret ingredientshappy relationship(if you're in one, of course).


Touch her lower back

23 Little Known Places To Touch A Man And Drive Him Crazy (6)If you want to excite your partner and present him with unforgettable sensations, touch his lower back! The pudendal nerve, which is responsible for stimulating all areas of the groin, is located right here (at the bottom of the spinal cord).

First, tell your husband to take off his shirt (or you can do it for him) and lie on his stomach. Pull her pants down a bit and begin to gently run your fingers down the small of her back. Stop before you reach her buttocks.

Or you can do it 2 in 1 by massaging her buttocks too, because that's also a strong pleasure trigger.


Like your ribs, your armpits are another sensitive and delicate area. Although the armpits don't actually have nerve endings, they are still considered an erogenous zone.

You can suck, lick or touch his armpits. Whatever you do, do it in a playful, teasing way and he will LOVE it.

"Touch" your imagination

One of the best dating tips of all time: "Tap" her imagination. I realize you can't really touch your imagination, but you know what I mean.

You can stimulate their imagination withintense eye contact, the teasing movements of your fingers, your creativity, your warm clothes and your words.

Remember that each zodiac sign has different preferences. For example, a Taurus man loves a woman who can stimulate her imagination with words.

Know your guy's preferences and you'll stay one step ahead of a teasing game. You will be his queen!

What is the best place to touch a man and turn him on?

23 Little Known Places To Touch A Man And Drive Him Crazy (7)The best place to touch and arouse a man depends on his personality and preferences. Some men enjoy having their ears touched, while others prefer their nipples touched.

A different touch creates a different sensation.

In general, every man enjoys when you play with the nipples, perineum, throat and scrotum. Needless to say, touching his penis turns her on just as much (if not more).

This is one of the best sex tips on how to drive him crazy: explore new sex positions, play with new sex toys (check out DIY and homemade sex toys), impress him with them.the power of physical contact(go from light to more intense).

You can touch your man anywhere, but how you touch him is more important than where you touch him.

The intensity of his sensations depends largely on the intensity of your touch and your ability to provoke it.

All of these things will keep your sex life interesting, which will also help improve your mental health, so why not give it a try?

What can you say to a man to drive him crazy?

23 Little Known Places To Touch A Man And Drive Him Crazy (8)In addition to the places where you can touch a man to drive him crazy, you must also learn how to stimulate him with your words. Words can sometimes be more powerful than touch.

So what do you say to a man to drive him crazy?Here are thethe best things to say to a guy to put him in the mood right away! (Note: some of these hot quotes are best sent as text.)

  • "I feel like something is really missing in my life... To be specific, you, between my legs."
  • "Hello honey. Guess who was a very naughty girl today and in need of a serious spanking? You have a guess…"
  • "Let me be the boss tonight and just relax. I'll do all the dirty work and all you have to do is yell."
  • "If you can guess what I'm thinking right now, I'll make any of your dirtiest wishes come true. Tip: It affects my tongue and a part of your body that I really like."
  • "Let me be clear. If you come later, I'll undress you very slowly. I'll take my time unbuttoning your pants and taking them off one leg at a time. I'll remove your boxers and throw them away." out of my sight, and everything that can happen next is completely up to you.
  • "If I told you that I would let you do anything to me, what would be the first thing you would do?"
  • "If you tell me the dirtiest thing you've ever thought about me, I'll tell you the dirtiest dream I've ever had about you..."
  • "Think about what I have to do with you tonight and I'll do the best I can."
  • "Nothing puts me in a better mood than thinking about you naked."
  • "Do you want me to tell you what I'm going to do with you tonight? Well, I hope you'll be the patient type, because you'll just have to wait and see."
  • "If I were with you right now, I'd push you onto the bed, rip your clothes off, and do whatever I wanted with you… Too bad you're so far away."
  • “Today is supposed to be a very hot day. So I'll probably wear a thong to bed all day and nothing else. What are your plans for today?"
  • "Thinking about seeing you tonight, I suddenly had no clothes on...Strange, isn't it?"
  • "I'm touching myself as we speak...and I wish you were here to help me."
  • "I'm naked right now with nothing to do. If you have any ideas, I'm open to suggestions...and much more."
  • "You have?FantasyAnd how can I help bring them to life?”
  • "What are you having for dinner tonight? I know something that could be your dessert..."
  • "Blindfold me and fuck me in the craziest way. I have full faith in you, so use my body as a canvas and be creative and sexy..."
  • "You can come, but there's only one rule. You can't keep your hands to yourself. Actually, I'll show you exactly where to put them."
  • "Your body is so hot that it makes me so thirsty... Was it sexy? Let me try again... I'm not wearing anything right now. How about that?"
  • "Imagine my bed as a football field and you're running for a touchdown. Now show me what you're made of!"
  • "Let's try every sex position we can think of. I want to see how much we can do tonight and we'll continue tomorrow when we're too exhausted."
  • "Your job tonight is to rip my underwear off with your teeth and then use your mouth and especially your tongue to pleasure me in the way you do best."
  • I hope you had a good sleep last night because what I have prepared for you tonight will consume a lot of energy. I only hope that you can cope with this difficult task.
  • "I was listening to music and thinking about you...OK, you got me. I haven't really heard anything. I really don't need an excuse for that.Thinking of you.
  • "I can't take my bra off... It's really frustrating. Can you come and do it for me?"
  • “My body tells me that it wants to be pressed against yours. No, my body demands it!"
  • "I imagine how you would see me. And I really like what I see."
  • "I've been thinking about you a lot... I want to know what is the most sensitive part of your body?"

Touch him and kiss him like you mean it.

  • 23 Little Known Places To Touch A Man And Drive Him Crazy (9)I hope your list of places to touch a man to drive him crazy is now up to date. One more quick tip before you go: kiss your man and touch him like you mean business, because that's the key to driving him wild and creating a lasting effect.
    "If you touch a
    the body of manyou will enjoy the moment. If youtouch a man's heartYou will remember it forever."– Dixie Waters

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