Create a Quote in 8 Easy Steps: A Small Business Guide (2023)

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March 28, 2019

Create a Quote in 8 Easy Steps: A Small Business Guide (1)

A quote (or "offer") is normally a document that contains a fixed price for an order. It can also be verbal. An offer is sent from a supplier to a potential buyer.

Writing compelling job postings is important as it will generate new business and help your business grow.Queensland Business.

The following article covers how a small business can create an offer in eight easy steps.

In this article we cover:

  • choose a model
  • Add customer information
  • Enter offer number
  • Provide an issue date
  • Enter products or services
  • Add Terms and Conditions
  • include notes
  • add optional details

1. Choose a model

Creating compelling offers is a learning process. Using a standard quote format helps you create detailed, comprehensive, and professional-looking quotes that customers will love.

You can also customize your template and make it even more professional by adding your company header or logo.Queensland Business.

There are many price quote templates. Choosing the right business proposal template depends on the type of software you have and which programs you are most comfortable with.This articlehas free quote templates for Word, Excel, PDF and Google Docs.

If you already own the Microsoft Office suite, the Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel offering is a great place to start. They are easy to customize and familiar to most users. You can save them in a quote PDF format, making it easy to send a professional version to a client.

If you prefer Google Docs, FreshBooks can provide you with a free quote template in Google Sheets. All you have to do is customize the blank sections, save and submit. With FreshBooks, your citations are ready at the touch of a button.

The following photography price quote template contains some of the basic elements that we will explore in the following steps:

Create a Quote in 8 Easy Steps: A Small Business Guide (2)


Many companies also use bookkeeping or bookkeeping software to create their quotes.

Estimates are very similar to offers, except that the price is approximate and not fixed. FreshBooks has onlineestimating softwareThis makes it easy to create a quote in the cloud and send it to your customer.

A quote is a great way to ensure that you are sending your client an accurate, professionally formatted quote. Avoid possible mistakes that could harm your business and your professional reputation.

First select the estimator:

Create a Quote in 8 Easy Steps: A Small Business Guide (3)

Those ones:FreshBooks

Then customize the FreshBooks template:

Create a Quote in 8 Easy Steps: A Small Business Guide (4)

Those ones:FreshBooks

Then go ahead and email the quote to your customer. You can automatically approve it.

2. Add customer information

Be sure to indicate who the offer is for. Add information like:

  • Company Name
  • Address
  • phone number
  • Fax number (if applicable)
  • Email address
  • Contact name and title

And do not forgetyourContact information. However, if you are using company letterhead, you may not need to include it.

3. Enter the offer number

The accounting software automatically generates a quote number for you and adds an increment of one to each new quote. However, you can edit the quote number if you wish. If you are using a template in Word or similar, you can start with "1" and go from there.

If you are sending multiple pages in the same email, the accounting software will add individual page numbers to your quote sheets to keep everything accurate.

4. Enter an issue date

This is the date you send the quote to the customer. An issue date is important as offers are often limited time offers. You'll probably want to add, "Valid for 30 days." Or, you can increase or decrease the schedule as needed.

5. Insert products or services

Add the products and/or services you offer as line items. Include a description of the items, along with quantities, product number, unit price, and total price per item (if applicable).

You can also divide products and services according to different phases of the project. You may want to separate labor and material costs. ONEQuotation template specific to your industryhelps you organize your cost statement.

FreshBooks offers a variety of sample offerings in various formats so you can choose the one that's right for your business. Check out our gallery template to choose the listing format that's right for you.

Write down everything that isNoincluded in the project. For example, a contractor might charge for the labor required to install kitchen cabinets but not to remove them from the store (which the owner can do).

Add all costs together to find the subtotal. Then add taxes to the grand total, if applicable.

6. Add terms and conditions

Here you take into account possible deviations in the project. For example, you may find that a backyard landscaping project schedule depends on good weather.

A small business can also explain how much additional labor will cost. For example, they might find that each additional job costs $50 an hour. Explain under what conditions additional work may be required asthe businessThe offer must be a fixed price.

Also indicate how and when you would like to be paid. Do you prefer a check or direct deposit? Do you accept credit cards? Will a flat fee be charged upon completion? Do you expect a deposit? Would you like half upfront and half upon completion? Include this information in your payment terms.

7. Add notes

This section is for any other details you want to add. Notes is a good place to detail timelines and estimated completion dates. You can also summarize the scope of the project. It's also professional to thank your client for the opportunity to quote them and express that you look forward to working with them.

8. Add optional details

The following information is not necessary for your offer, but it may be a good idea. Here are some elements you can add to your listings:

  • Order number (from the customer)
  • a discount
  • business number (ONE)
  • VAT number (get yourshere)
  • signature area

For example the following quoteform templatehas a place for both the customer and the business to sign to indicate acceptance of the offer. It also includes a discount.

Create a Quote in 8 Easy Steps: A Small Business Guide (6)


Check your spelling and grammar now! Then check that all math calculations are correct. Now you can send your offer to the customer, confident that you've created a detailed and thoughtful offer that will impress the recipient.

People also ask:

  • How to request a quote
  • How to decline an offer

How to request a quote

A small business might request a quote when it needs to hire a subcontractor or specialist for a job that is outside its area of ​​expertise. You may submit a "Request for Quote" to one or more Suppliers who will return price quotes to you.

A quote request should be clear and concise, and indicate the date you want the quote. Enter the quantity of products you wish to order. For services, indicate which ones you are interested in.

Here are some examples of requests for quotes:

  • DiesI estimatedModel, available atexcelormust, allows for detailed requirements
  • Briefe.orgcontains formal letters or informal email templates that you can copy and paste
  • Or download templates in Word or PDF

Below is an example of a quote request. It includes the date, business information, contact information and requests for details, for example. B. what taxes apply, delivery times, payment terms and what all prices should be fixed.

Create a Quote in 8 Easy Steps: A Small Business Guide (7)

Those ones:Biztree

How to decline an offer

Have you received a price offer and you don't like it? Maybe the price was too high or you chose another company.

Still, it's important to answer how the company went to the trouble of creating the offering. Thanks for submitting and explaining why you don't accept the offer.

Here is an offer rejection templatebest sample cardsYou can copy, paste and review:

1234, Hauptstr.
Boston, MA 02123


<Here comes the recipient address>


Thank you for submitting a <bid/offer/proposal> on <project name>. We are sorry to inform you that this time we chose someone else.

<reasons why.>

We appreciate you taking the time to submit a <Bid/Bid/Proposal> and will keep you in mind for the future.


Jim Carter

Offer templates for different types of businesses

Offer format for advertising services

As an advertiser, you know the importance of design and presentation in your industry. A professional offer is a crucial component of attracting clients interested in your advertising services.

With the FreshBooks free advertising services plan, you can be sure to impress your potential customers with a well-formatted list of your services and prices. This can be fully customized with your company logo and design options to ensure companies know why you are the best choice for their projects.

Offer format for exam services

A certified accountant depends on your attention to detail and financial knowledge to excel in your field. If you own an accounting firm or provide auditing services to clients, you need an organized bid format to clearly outline the details of your work.

The FreshBooks auditing services listing format includes line-by-line descriptions of your services with detailed pricing to ensure your clients understand the accounting and financial services you offer. They'll know you're the number one choice for your industry!

Quote template for cleaning services

Cleaning services are a valuable service for many industries. To make sure your clients know why you're the best choice for the job, use a sample cleaning services quote template.

You'll be impressed with FreshBooks' cleaning quote template, which can be easily customized to suit the service you offer, from basic cleaning to window cleaning quote template.

Construction tender template

If you're in construction, you know that a solid foundation is the most important step in building anything, including building a business. Letting your customers know what services you are offering in a specific time period can generate interest and attract businesses.

FreshBooks offers a free construction proposal template that includes sections for individual services, labor costs and material costs. Businesses will be impressed with your professionalism, so download the Construction Services Quote Template today to get started.

Quote for private car insurance

Customers trust you when it comes to road insurance. To make sure they know the details of the services you are offering, you must first make an offer. A template is a great way to avoid mistakes and keep everything accurate and presentable.

Make sure you're the right choice for the job with FreshBooks' free personal auto insurance quote template.

photography quote

If you want to let clients know about your photography services, you can submit a quote to let them know your prices. The right proposal template clearly outlines the different types of photo services you offer, as well as any hourly charges or extended services you need.

FreshBooks sample photo quote template will have you turning customers left and right.

taxi offer

If you run a taxi business and want to get noticed, sending potential customers an offer is a good place to start.

Use the FreshBooks taxi quote template to engage your customers with your services, with route-related service information and personalized hourly billing.

marriage offer

As a wedding planner, you know that every client wants the best for their special day. An offer template allows you to present your services in block offer formats to show the different options they can choose from.

Your clients will fall in love with your services with the FreshBooks Marriage Proposal Template

sale offer

If you're in sales, you know that a good first impression can work wonders. FreshBooks offers a free sales proposal template that is easy to customize for your business and lets customers know why your services are the best in the business.


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