FF14 Best Materia for each class (and how to get them) (2023)

Final Fantasy is an MMORPG with a lot of endgame content for the player to explore and experience. For this reason, it is necessary to make sure that your character has the best stat ready for cutting edge content in order to get a clear much faster.

Materia is an integral part of Final Fantasy XIV, be it in combat or crafting and collecting. There are different types of Materia out there, and they all give different stat boosts to a player.

Additionally, Materia ranges from level 1 to 8, with 8 giving the most stat boosts. This article will explain what are the best level 8 materials for each class in FFXIV and why.

How to get Materia?

First, there are many ways a player can get their hands on Materia, specifically Materia VIII.

The first option is to get them by extracting it from a high-end equipment with 100% alcohol. A player would gather a level of Spirit Bond from the equipment he uses most often, and when it reaches 100%, it can be mined for Materia.

Second, and the easiest option, a player can simply buy the Materia they need from the Market Board. Usually, Materia from a battle job can cost 1-7k Gil per materia, depending on the type of Materia and the server the player is playing on.

Players can also obtain Cracked Stellacluster Materia VIII, which a player can obtain in a number of ways, including but not limited to queuing for Service Roulettes with a Job in Need, doing high level content, hunts, treasure maps, Wondrous Tails, and many more.

Now that players know where they can get each materia, this article will explain which materia is best for each battle job in FFXIV. This article will not include Blue Mage Optimized Materia as it can vary from raid to raid.

17. Guerrero

FF14 Best Materia for each class (and how to get them) (1)

A warrior ready to swing his mighty axe.

Warriors are famous for their Fell Cleaves, and Fell Cleaves dealt a lot of damage. Warriors and other tanks would also need to prioritize to increase their damage to help with boss DPS checks for end game content.

The best materia for warriors is Critical Aim Materia VIII, which will help increase their critical strike and allow them to deal a lot more damage.

The second best material for Warriors is Skill Speed, which allows them to attack the boss and monsters faster.

16. Paladin

FF14 Best Materia for each class (and how to get them) (2)

The Warrior of Light is ready to take the battle to the moon.

While Paladin is known as the best off-tank for his support abilities and shields, he can still deal damage to bosses and help the team finish the fight faster.

For this reason, the best paladin materia is critical hits, so they could deal more critical damage to the boss they are fighting. For this, paladins can get some Savage Aim Materia VIII.

Other Materia is also good for Paladins Skill Speed, and players can adjust the skill speed they want based on their own comfort. To do this, players can obtain some Quickarm Materia VIII.

15. Dark Knight

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FF14 Best Materia for each class (and how to get them) (3)

A Dark Knight equipping his relic dwelling.

The Dark Knights is undoubtedly the most daring work of Final Fantasy XIV. As the tank introduced in Heavensward, Dark Knight has a plethora of abilities and plenty of mitigations for himself and the party.

However, Dark Knights can also damage the boss, and using the right Materia for the job can help run endgame content more smoothly for the party as a whole.

Dark Knights should prioritize Critical Hit fusion on their team, so they should get some Savage Aim Materia VIII.

Also, if the Dark Knights are capped on Critical Hits, they should invest in Ability Speed ​​to increase how quickly they can attack the boss. For that, they need to smell Quickarm Materia VIII.

14. Gun Destroyer

FF14 Best Materia for each class (and how to get them) (4)

A weapon destroyer brandishing his mighty sword.

A Gunbreaker is one of four tanks that deals a lot of damage. For this reason, the Gunbreaker's materia choice should be in line with his damage output and flexibility and complex job rotation.

Critical Hit materials are best suited for Gunbreaker to get more damage out of your character. For this reason, a player can obtain some Savage Aim Materia VIII to fuse into their weapons and gear.

The Skill Speed ​​materials are also good, and players can adjust it to their needs and ping depending on how fast they want the Gunbreaker to be. To do this, players can obtain some Quickarm Materia VIII.

13. White Magician

FF14 Best Materia for each class (and how to get them) (5)

A white wizard heals for the party.

White Mages are the pure healers of FFXIV, but with a twist that allows them to deal a lot of damage to enemies. Sometimes a properly done White Mage opening can deal even more damage than a DPS opening.

The first most important materia for White Mages is Piety Materia VIII, which adds piety stats to players. The mercy stat determines a healer's mana regeneration ability, which can be crucial in high-level content, especially when the player is still progressing and still needs to heavily heal and resurrect dead allies.

After sniffing Piety for comfort, healers can opt to sniff Savage Aim Materia VIII to deal more damage on their critical hits, which can help with a boss rampage.

12. Scholar

FF14 Best Materia for each class (and how to get them) (6)

A scholar with his fairy.

A scholar is a healer who helps shield damage taken by their allies so they don't take as much damage from raids and tank destroyers. They are accompanied and helped by his beautiful fairies.

Like white wizards, scholars must first smell Piety Materia VIII to feel comfortable. Mercy is very important for scholars to keep their teammates alive and deal damage, as a scholar with 0 MP is a scholar who can't protect, heal, or damage bosses.

After smelling Mercy, scholars should smell QuickTongue Materia VIII to add spell speed stats for scholar players. This allows them to cast spells faster, which means they can cast heals much faster and deal damage faster.

11. Astrologer

FF14 Best Materia for each class (and how to get them) (7)

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An astrologer drawing his charts.

The Astrologer is a healer who can choose to grant regenerations and protect their allies, as well as grant buffs that can increase their allies' damage.

Like the other two healers, Astrologian players would also need to smell Piety Materia VIII for comfort so they can heal and damage comfortably.

After that, Astrologers can fuse some Quicktongue Materia VIII into their weapons and equipment so they can cast all spells faster, be it damage or healing.

10. monge

FF14 Best Materia for each class (and how to get them) (8)

A monk ready to pummel his enemies.

Monks are one of the four DPS melee classes and can deal a lot of damage to enemies, which can help in high level raids, or even other battles and dungeons in general.

Monk players should fuse Savage Aim Materia VIII into their team as this will increase their critical strike, allowing them to deal more damage when critically damaging bosses, which helps further decrease boss health.

Another materia that is also very important for Monks is Heavens' Eye Materia VIII, which will add direct hit stats to your characters. These stats will help monks perform more direct hit attacks, which deal more damage than normal attacks.

9. Dragon

FF14 Best Materia for each class (and how to get them) (9)

A dragon ready to bring his spear into battle.

A Dragon's most important materia is none other than Savage Aim Materia VIII, which they need to fuse together to add more Critical Hit stats to their character. Since critical hits can deal a lot of damage, fusing Savage Aim Materia can ensure that every critical hit the player lands deals even more damage.

Another important materia for dragons is Eye of the Sky Materia VIII, which adds direct hit stats to your characters. This stat will help increase the number of times they can land direct hits, which deal more damage than normal hits.

Furthermore, Savage Might Materia VIII is also just as important to dragons as Heavens' Eye Materias. This specific materia will add Determination stats to your dragons, increasing all offensive damage a player can deal to bosses.

As you can see, all of the materials here serve a different purpose, and players can fuse them together as needed to deal even more devastating damage to enemies.

8. ninja

FF14 Best Materia for each class (and how to get them) (10)

A Ninja ready to assassinate his targets with his daggers.

The most important fusion for a Ninja is without a doubt Savage Aim Materia VIII. This will allow a Ninja to deal more damage during their critical hit, this will help a player deal much, much more damage to enemies, allowing them to clear content and dungeons much faster.

The next and second most important Materia is Eye of the Sky Materia VIII, which will allow a Ninja to deal more direct hit rates, which deal more damage than normal attacks, allowing them to reduce the HP of enemies even faster.

Lastly, Ninja must melt the matter of determination, Savage Might Materia VIII, into the remaining points of his equipment and weapon. Determination will increase all damage dealt by ninjas, so this is an important combo for them as well.

7 samurai

FF14 Best Materia for each class (and how to get them) (11)

A Samurai sharpening his sword.

(Video) Best Stats & Melds for all Jobs in Endwalker (Substat Compendium)

Samurai is the last melee DPS listed in this article and is one of the most used classes lately for its high DPS and incredible skill array.

As of right now, the most important Samurai combo would be Quickarm Materia VIII, which will add ability speed stats to your characters, allowing them to unleash faster attacks and abilities against enemies. This will allow a Samurai to deal more damage and do faster damage rotation on higher end content.

Second, after matching ability speed based on how fast they want their samurai to attack, a player must fuse some Savage Aim Materia VIII to add critical strike stats to their samurai, allowing them to do much more damage on each of his samurai. critical hits.

6. Bardo

FF14 Best Materia for each class (and how to get them) (12)

A bard who plays songs to increase the stats of his allies and deal damage.

A bard is a ranged DPS who deals damage with their bows and arrows and boosts their allies' stats with their plethora of songs and buffs. However, bards can still deal moderate damage if played correctly and using optimal combinations.

The most important fusion for a bard is Savage Aim Materia VIII, which will help increase a bard's critical hit stat, allowing them to deal much more damage when their abilities and attacks critically hit enemies.

Next, the bards must also fuse Heavens' Eye Materia VIII into their equipment and weapons, which will add a direct hit rate stat. This will help Bard players deal more direct hits, which can help deal more boss damage than normal attacks.

With these two combinations, a Bard is guaranteed to deal more damage and help clear fights and content much faster with their allies.

5. Conductor

FF14 Best Materia for each class (and how to get them) (13)

A machinist ready to shoot his enemies with his guns.

A Machinist is a job with the power to set their enemies on fire with their bullets, and for that reason, Machinists will need the right combinations to deal the most damage to bosses.

A Machinist's main combo is Savage Aim Materia VIII, which will add the Critical Hit stat to Machinist players. This will help them deal more damage with their critical hits, which do more damage than normal hits.

The second Materia that is very important for Machinists is Eye of the Sky Materia VIII, which will add the Direct Hit Rate stat to your Machinists, allowing their hits to have a higher chance to receive direct hits, which will deal more damage compared to normal attacks.

Lastly, Machinists can also choose to fuse Savage Might Materia VIII, which will add Resolve stats to them, helping them deal more damage to all of their offensive attacks.

4. ballerina

FF14 Best Materia for each class (and how to get them) (14)

A dancer dancing his chakrams through enemies.

A dancer is a battle job that can help boost your allies with their dances, mainly through their steps. They can also choose a dance partner and significantly increase their attacks during the fight.

The most important fusion for all dancers is Savage Aim Materia VIII, which will allow them to deal much more damage during their critical hits on enemies.

The second most important fusion is Heavens' Eye Materia VIII, which allows a dancer to deal higher direct hit rates, dealing more damage than normal normal attacks.

After merging the two, Dancer players can fill the remaining slots on their team with Savage Might Materia VIII, increasing their resolve and allowing them to deal more damage to enemies.

3. Black Magician

FF14 Best Materia for each class (and how to get them) (15)

(Video) FFXIV 6.1 - Best Materia Gathering Set & Why you should do it this time!

A Black Wizard casting explosive spells.

A Black Mage is a caster that will fire explosive spells at enemies to defeat them, and they can deal the most damage of all DPS in the party.

Black Mages have two different build sets which are the spell speed build and the critical build. The Spell Speed ​​build will allow Black Mages to cast spells faster, allowing them to move more flexibly.

For black mages looking to build up spell speed, Quicktongue Materia VIII is the combination of choice as it will allow them to have faster spell speed and cast spells faster.

On the other hand, Black Mages who wanted to go Critical Build will deal more critical damage to the boss, but the time it takes to finish their spells would take a while and force the Black Mages to stay in one place longer. Time.

For players looking to make this build, they can fuse Savage Aim Materia VIII into their team which causes them to deal higher critical damage to the boss, allowing them to deal much more damage.

2. Summoner

FF14 Best Materia for each class (and how to get them) (16)

A Summoner uses his arsenal of summons and spells to burn his enemies.

A Summoner is a job that uses your pets and summons to deal damage to enemies. In order to deal more damage to enemies, the Summoner needs to combine the correct materia in his gear and equipment.

Critical Hit is the most useful and important fusion for a Summoner as it will allow them to deal more damage during their critical hit to enemies, which does a lot more damage compared to their normal hits. To do so, they can smell Savage Aim Materia VIII on their weapons or equipment.

In addition, the Summoner can also choose to fuse Heavens' Eye Materia VIII, which will add the Direct Hit Rate stat to players, allowing them to land more direct hits on enemies, dealing more damage compared to normal ones.

1. Red Wizard

FF14 Best Materia for each class (and how to get them) (17)

A red wizard ready to cast spells and sword skills on his enemies.

The latest job and caster featured in this article is Red Mage, a versatile caster with spells and melee combos.

For red mages, just like summoners, the most important fusion for them is Savage Aim Materia VIII, which will allow them to deal higher numbers on each critical hit they land on enemies and bosses.

In addition, Red Mages can also fuse Heavens' Eye Materia VIII together so they can land more direct hits on the boss, which will allow them to deal higher overall damage and can help a lot more with enraging and removing high level content. 🇧🇷

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What Materia is best for Dragoon? ›

The one you want to use will always be the highest tier potion (tincture) for the main stat on your gear. For Dragoons, this means we want the highest tier Tincture of Strength currently available. An easy way to find that out is to simply search for "Tincture of Strength" on the market board.

How do I get specific Materia? ›

Players can acquire materia by extracting it from pieces of equipment with 100% spiritbond. Spiritbond percentage increases as you use that piece of armor in battle, crafting or gathering.

What do you meld for white mage? ›

Materia Melds for White Mage

We want to avoid melding Piety on healers and White Mage as much as possible. Dropping Spell Speed in order to instead meld more Determination, Direct Hit, or even Critical Hit will usually be worth it in most cases. Presence of Mind. In some cases, this can be your best meld.

Does Materia order matter? ›

Regular materia does not matter in which slot you put it, you can put long range in your armor and still benefit from the long range materia in the same manner as if you had put it in your weapon.

What can negate Dragoon? ›

Magnarokket dragon, Sky Striker Ace - Hayate, and Doomking Balerdroch can all adapt to handle Red-Eyes Dark Dragoon. Red-Eyes Dark Dragoon negate effect is definitely powerful, but with Yacine's guidance, you can turn Red-Eyes Dark Dragoon into just another card in your opponent's graveyard.

How do you duplicate Materia? ›

In order to duplicate items, players will need to have either W-Item or master command materia equipped on one of their party members. Once in battle, they'll then need to select the W-Item command, choose any item, and then confirm its use.

How do you get Master Command Materia? ›

There are two ways to obtain Master Command. At Cosmo Canyon, the player can bring a mastered Steal, Sense, Throw, Morph, Deathblow, Manipulate, and Mime, and then interact with the yellow Huge Materia. The second is to give the Kalm traveler an Earth Harp, which is earned from defeating the Emerald Weapon.

Can you buy Materia Ffxiv? ›

Mostly, players can get Materia by buying them out of the market board with FFXIV Gil. 2. Players can get Materia by trading them against the specific currencies listed below: Cracked Stellacluster can be exchanged for level 80 Materia, and it is obtainable by purchasing or battling.

What race is best for White Mage? ›

White Mage/Conjurer Stats

While the races do not have any major differences in stats, Miqo'te Keepers of the Moon and Dunesfolk Lalafell have the highest base Conjurer stats, with a Hellsguard Roegadyn slightly behind.

What materia should astrologian use? ›

Ultimately, Astrologian Materia melds for Critical Hit, Direct Hit, and Determination are all acceptable choices. So, let's run down how those work before making any decisions on Spell Speed and Piety. Melding Critical Hit (Savage Aim Materia X) improves an Astrologian's chances for an extra powerful Malefic or heal.

What materia should a bard use? ›

Best Materia Melds for Bard

As per the above, prioritize melding Critical Hit first, then Determination, and then Direct Hit. Do not use melds that cannot fit under an item's cap for that stat unless it is only over by one or two points.

Who should equip the synergy Materia? ›

In "Episode INTERmission", synergy materia is intended for Sonon, who should have it equipped at all times paired to a magic materia of the element most upcoming enemies are weak to, or at least do not resist. Sonon will then also use the paired spell after synergized abilities with Yuffie.

What Materia should TIFA have? ›

Steadfast Block is a good Materia to increase Tifa's durability and fill the ATB gauge faster. Given her emphasis on as a melee character, this Materia will be a perfect accompaniment to her in-your-face combat style.

What happens if you miss Huge Materia? ›

Unfortunately, if the player has no Huge Materia to interact with, the Observatory stays firmly shut. While there are ways to earn the major rewards lost from missing the Huge Materia, opening Bugenhagen's Observatory simply won't happen on this playthrough.

What is the ultimate Materia? ›

Ultima Materia was known as rich, transformative soils that alchemists searched the world over. This collection is rooted in beautiful chocolate, which from the moment it is seen begins to elicit an unlock of the senses.

Is enemy skill materia worth using? ›

A useful Command Materia for just about any party member, the Enemy Skill Materia is a quest in itself that's totally worth the player's time.

Is luck Materia good? ›

For characters with high Strength and therefore Attack (Cloud and Tifa), a moderate boost to Luck can go a long way towards increasing overall damage output. Therefore, fully upgrading the Luck Up Materia to boost luck by 50 percent is well worth the investment.

Is Red-Eyes Dark Dragoon forbidden? ›

It's still legal over in the OCG, but for some reason the powers that be chose to limit it alongside Red-Eyes Fusion instead of just forbidding Predaplant Verte Anaconda outright.

Can you negate obelisk? ›

Obelisk's Normal Summon can't be negated, which prevents Solemn Judgment from being used against it.

Can dark ruler no more negate Dragoon? ›

"Dark Ruler No More" is also effective, since it doesn't target and its activation can't be negated by this card.

Does the W item glitch still work? ›

The W-Item Materia is a Command Materia that allows a character to use two items in one turn. The glitch remains in all versions, including PC re-release, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android.

Can I get 2 magnify Materia? ›

There Is Only 1 Magnify Materia

Aside from the one in the Robot Arm puzzle, there are no other Magnify Materias that can be found in the game. Also note that replaying the chapter in New Game Plus changes it to a different materia once picked up.

How do you get mega all Materia? ›

Obtained. Mega All can be found in the Northern Cave, in the Mako Stream area. It is located on a ledge the player jumps through, and the player must use the confirm button at the right time to pick it up amid Cloud's jump.

What are the 12 types of Materia to master? ›

The 12 Magic Materia Types are as follows:
  • Healing.
  • Cleansing.
  • Revival.
  • Fire.
  • Ice.
  • Lightning.
  • Wind.
  • Poison.
Apr 13, 2020

Is skill master Materia good? ›

Skill Master is beneficial for player-controlled characters who use different abilities together to allow them to use their abilities more rapidly, but does not benefit characters who prefer to rely on using one ability often.

How much does a Master all Materia sell for? ›

A mastered All Materia sells for 1,400,000 gil.

Can you get more elemental Materia? ›

You can nab a second Elemental Materia later during Chapter 14. However, you can only get this one if you've completed every single side-quest up to this point. If you need help finding and completing them all, you can refer to our full FF7 Remake side-quest walkthrough.

Can you get the Materia in the church? ›

The church doors are wide open, so step inside and walk past Aerith's flower bed and through the door in the back right. You'll notice all the spirits are gone. Walk up to the room you previously saw the yellow Materia in, and pick it up.

Who can meld Materia? ›

If you want to meld Materia, you must first complete the "Waking the Spirit" subquest, which can be started by talking to F'hobhas at The Bonfire in Central Thanalan (23, 13). However, you must first have at least one Disciple of the Hand Job class at level 19 or above before taking on the quest.

What is the least played race in FFXIV? ›

According to XIV census Roegadyn are one the least played races and female Roegadyn are the least played.

What race is best for battlemage? ›

ESO: Best Racials For Battlemages, Ranked
  1. 1 Imperial.
  2. 2 High Elf. ...
  3. 3 Breton. ...
  4. 4 Dark Elf. Dark Elves tend to excel when choosing any sort of magical archetype. ...
  5. 5 Khajiit. A Khajiit's magical prowess should never be underestimated. ...
  6. 6 Nord. It's obvious that Nords typically make great warriors in The Elder Scrolls games. ...
Feb 7, 2021

What is the best healer in ff14? ›

Benediction, the best instant, single target heal in the game, can single-handedly save any doomed tank faster than a Scholar or Astrologian. Have a silly Dark Knight about to die from Living Dead? Just cast Benediction!

Is Astrologian a pure healer? ›

White Mage and Astrologian are pure healers. Barrier healers are focused on preventing damage with more mitigation tools and on-demand shielding. They have less access to direct HP restoration and sustained healing. Scholar and Sage are barrier healers.

Is Astrologian a healer? ›

Astrologian (AST) is a healer that draws inspiration from tarot and astrology, using cards from its divining deck to bolster its allies' damage. Astrologian has a fast-paced, interactive playstyle with the busy and random nature of cards.

What materia should a gunbreaker use? ›

When it comes to melding materia for Gunbreaker, you're going to want to go for materia that increases Critical Hit, Skill Speed, and Direct Hit. If you can get an even balance of all three, that's great, but if you need to prioritise, Critical Hit is always a safe bet for this class.

Why is Bard the best class? ›

The Bard is fantastically versatile. With access to every skill, expertise, full casting, and a decent set of proficiencies, the Bard can fill essentially every role in the party.

What stats should a Bard prioritize? ›

Like most Bard builds, your College of Lore Bard heavily favors Charisma – so that's your top priority ability score, followed by Dexterity, then Constitution, Wisdom, and leaving Strength or Intelligence last.

How much Charisma should a Bard have? ›

A bard requires at least ten charisma plus one point for every spell level he intends to cast, but since we aren't likely to get to level ten (where we would start casting fourth level spells) a thirteen charisma will suffice.

What Materia should Aerith have? ›

Loads of magic attack power upgrades, as well as elemental boosts, ensure that she's hitting enemy weaknesses for maximum damage. Recommended Materia: Fire, Ice, Lightning - Give Aerith as much offensive magic as you can to ensure that she covers as many weaknesses as possible.

What Materia should I give Barret? ›

The best Materia for Barret's starter weapon is an element Materia, such as Fire, Ice, or Lightning. Additionally, giving Barret HP Up or Steadfast Block will increase his chances of survival as he rushes into battle.

What happens if you stack Materia? ›

Equipping multiples of the same Materia on your equipment won't stack their effects. For example, having two Fire Materia won't let you cast stronger Fire spells. To do that, you'll need to level them up (which we'll talk about below).

Is Tifa or Aerith better for Cloud? ›

In the case of Final Fantasy VII, Cloud should definitely fall for Tifa. He seemed to like her as a kid. He even promised to come rescue her after he became a SOLDIER which he ultimately did albeit as a normal recruit.

Does it matter what outfit Tifa wears? ›

Whichever outfit you pick doesn't impact the story in any way, but it will determine the outfit Tifa wears in Chapter Nine.

What dress does Tifa wear if you don't choose? ›

It'll conclude with you choosing between these three dress variants. If you missed the Side Quests or simply don't want to do the extra work, Tifa will wear the Mature dress by default, which is also what she wore to Wall Market in the original Final Fantasy VII.

Do you lose the Materia equipped to Aeris when she died? ›

The weapon and armor Aeris had equipped when she left the party are lost, as it is not possible for a player character to not have something in these slots. Her Materia and accessory return to the player's inventory as she leaves.

Do you lose Aeris Materia? ›

No, her materia is automatically returned to you. You do lose her weapon and armor, but you get to keep her accessory.

Who should I give the black materia to? ›

Cloud will pick up the Black Materia off the ground at the end of the fight but Tifa suggests that you give it to someone else for safekeeping. You can give it either to Barret or Red XIII as Cid, Cait Sith, Yuffie and Vincent will not accept it. Talk to Tifa again after you hand the Black Materia over.

Do Dragoons use maiming or striking? ›

Dragoon equipment is primarily composed of maiming gear.

Is Dragoon a good DPS class? ›

Yes. Dragoon has historically been the strongest melee DPS in the game, from 2.45 when it had some major problems fixed until 5.0 because it provided the piercing resistance debuff which basically cemented it as the strongest job.

Are dragoons light or heavy cavalry? ›

The British Army had light dragoons, used for scouting and reconnaissance duties, and dragoon guards, who fulfilled a heavy cavalry role by delivering shock action on the battlefield.

Why are dragoons called dragoons? ›

The term "dragoon" came from the nickname for their weapon, the carbine or short musket, called "the dragon," which referred to the fire that emits out of the gun when fired, hence the term "dragon" or dragoon soldiers.

Are dragoons dragon slayers? ›

In the game's lore, Dragoons are highly armored but nonetheless mobile force that specializes in the slaying of dragons that have waged war to the Holy City of Ishgard for centuries.

Are Dragoon Pistols good? ›

The Dragoon Pistol has the highest bullet penetration of any shotgun in the game, albeit still very low.

What nomad weapon is best? ›

Otherwise, I recommend using the AK-74M. AK is a good AR, with a bit lower damage per bullet and rate of fire than its alternative – ARX200 – but double the amount of ammunition per clip (40).

Who is the strongest Dragoon Final Fantasy? ›

Here, we'll peer into each of them, if only a bit, to determine the best of the bunch.
  1. 1 Estinien Wyrmblood.
  2. 2 Cid Highwind. ...
  3. 3 Freya Crescent. ...
  4. 4 Kain Highwind. ...
  5. 5 Kimahri Ronso. ...
  6. 6 Aranea Highwind. ...
  7. 7 Oerba Yun Fang. ...
  8. 8 Ricard Highwind. ...
Sep 19, 2022

Is Reaper stronger than Samurai? ›

An equally skilled Samurai brings up to 687 more dps to their party than an equivalant Reaper.

What is the easiest DPS class Ffxiv? ›

Physical ranged, SMN and RDM are considered fairly easy to play by most peoples standards. At least at an entry level. If you know your rotation, you can pretty much go into a fight blind and still do acceptable DPS. Melee DPS are in the middle.

Who has the highest DPS in Ffxiv? ›

Here are the best of each.
  • Best Melee DPS - Reaper. Square Enix. Melee DPS characters are best for players who want to hit enemies for as much damage as possible while being right in the thick of battle alongside the Tanks. ...
  • Best Ranged DPS - Machinist. Square Enix. ...
  • Best Magic DPS - Black Mage. Square Enix.
Aug 18, 2022


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