FF14 Best Materia for each class (and how to get them) 2022 Edition (2023)

Battle status has always been one of the most important aspects of any MMORPG that players often pay attention to, and FFXIV is no exception.

This is because your character's battle stats in Final Fantasy XIV will affect an important part of the game, such as how quickly you can kill a boss, how quickly your mana regenerates to cast another healing spell, or even something else. as simple as surviving a deadly attack. . Attack in all raids and AoE enemies.

As a result, players must constantly strive to improve their characters' battle jobs, most notably by upgrading their equipment whenever possible. However, there is another method in FFXIV that can improve your character's battle stats, and that is Materia.

Materia can be attached and fused with a player's weapon, equipment, and accessories. Players can also combine from one to five Materia per gear item, depending on the gear type.

With the release of the Endwalker expansion, the highest level of Materia that can be smelted into a Gear is now Materia X.

This article will list the best Materia for all Battle Jobs currently available in the game to help players place the correct Materia in their character's Battle Jobs.

1. warrior

FF14 Best Materia for each class (and how to get them) 2022 Edition (1)

Warrior, one of the most famous tanks chosen in Endwalker.

Warrior, along with Paladin, was one of the first tanks available in the game. After completing the level 30 marauder class quest, players can become a warrior.

Best Materia for Warrior:

  • Wild Aim Matter X
    • Savage Aim grants a Critical Hit stat boost, allowing Warrior to deal more damage.
  • Wild Power Matter X
    • Since warriors don't need additional direct hit stats, players can place Savage Might X to add determination stat, which will increase the warrior's damage.

2. Paladin

FF14 Best Materia for each class (and how to get them) 2022 Edition (2)

Paladin, the poster child who first appears as the Warrior of Light in the Endwalker trailer.

Paladin is the traditional tank found in many other MMORPGs, wielding a sword and shield to attack enemies and protect allies.

Best Materia for Paladin:

  • Wild Aim Matter X
    • Similar to Warriors, Critical Hit will help Paladin deal more damage, which means the boss will die faster.
  • Quickarm Matter X
    • Quickarm Materia will help increase the Paladin's attack speed, which will reduce the delay that occurs between each GCD. This will allow a paladin to deal more attacks, which means more damage.

3. Dark Knight

FF14 Best Materia for each class (and how to get them) 2022 Edition (3)

Dark Knight, the tank that wields the power of the dark arts.

Dark Knight is the third tank introduced in Final Fantasy XIV, first appearing in the game's first expansion, Heavensward. Dark Knights use the power of darkness as opposed to light and the Paladins' holy attacks.

Best Subject for Dark Knight:

  • Wild Aim Matter X
    • In fact, this is the most popular materia in the game, as increasing critical hits will allow any battle job, including the Dark Knight, to deal more damage.
  • Quickarm Matter X
    • Quickarm Materia X will help increase the Dark Knight's skill speed. Just like Paladin, Dark Knights will be able to perform more attacks with the help of this Materia.

4. Break weapons

FF14 Best Materia for each class (and how to get them) 2022 Edition (4)

Gunbreaker, the newest tank introduced in the Shadowbringers expansion.

Since the first release of battle work in Shadowbringers, Gunbreaker has been known to be one of the tanks that consistently deals a lot of damage compared to the other tanks.

Best Material for Gunbreaker:

  • Wild Aim Matter X
    • Critical Hit, again, will always increase battle work damage, and with Gunbreaker's strong attack rotations, this has become even more important and a priority.
  • Wild Power Matter X/Celestial Eye Matter X
    • In case players are unable to fuse Savage Aim Materia X because the team has reached the maximum capacity for the Critical Hit state, they can fuse Savage Might or Heavens' Eye Materia X. This will increase Determination and Direct Hit respectively, and both allow a Gunbreaker deals more damage to enemies, helping the team clear content faster.

5. White mage

FF14 Best Materia for each class (and how to get them) 2022 Edition (5)

White Mage, the "pure healer" of Final Fantasy XIV.

White Mage is known as the first healer players can try when starting the game, as Conjurer is the only healer available when they first create their characters in FFXIV.

The best matter for the white magician:

  • Wild Aim Matter X
    • In FFXIV, even a healer's damage is crucial to clearing content, especially harder ones like Savage or Extreme. Melding Critical Hit will allow a White Mage's DPS to increase significantly.
  • Mercy Matter X
    • Mercy is a stat most often associated with healers and determines how fast a healer's MP regeneration will be.
    • Compared to other healers, White Mage has tighter MP management; therefore, newer healers or healers new to White Mage may want to smelt Piety for comfort and emergency healing/resurrection.

6. Scholar

FF14 Best Materia for each class (and how to get them) 2022 Edition (6)

Scholar, the healer who uses the power of fairies.

Scholar is another healer introduced in the base game of A Realm Reborn. Unlike the White Mage's regeneration heal, Scholar's heal protects his allies, allowing them to take less damage from enemies.

Best Academic Subject:

  • Wild Aim Matter X
    • As a healer with a lot of oGCD, Scholar can deal more GCD damage skills like Broil or Art of War to groups of mobs. Because of this, critical hit combos will help significantly increase a scholar's damage when hitting their enemies.
  • Celestial Eye Matter X / Wild Power Matter X
    • The Determination and Direct Hit stats increase a Savage's damage, so players can combine any of these Materia into multiple teams where they can no longer combine Savage Aim Materia because it's over, players can combine Heavens' Eye or Savage Might Materia X.

7. Astrologer

FF14 Best Materia for each class (and how to get them) 2022 Edition (7)

Astrologer, the healer of the deity who has a myriad of benefits and cures for the party.

Astrologer is a new healer battle job introduced in Heavensward, the first major expansion for Final Fantasy XIV. The Astrologer is also known as the busiest healer as he has to deal with a large number of cards and buffs.

The best Materia for the astrologer:

  • Fast language matters X
    • As a busy healer who has to deal not only with damage abilities, but also with different types of cards and buffs, as well as a multitude of heals and various shields, Spell Speed ​​​​will be able to help Astrologian better deal with them . This is because, as it is a job with many resources, some of them can appear at the same time and leave an astrologer reeling. Faster spell speed will help them draw cards and deal buffs with less delay or waiting.
    • Quicktongue Materia X, which will add Spell Speed ​​stats to Astrologian, will also help them land more attacks with less delay between each GCD attack, allowing them to land more spells on enemies.

8. sage

FF14 Best Materia for each class (and how to get them) 2022 Edition (8)

Sage, the newest shield healer introduced in the Endwalker expansion.

Sage is the long-awaited new healer battle job introduced in Endwalker, following two major expansions without a new healer battle job. As a Sage, players have a lot of shield healing and a lot of damage.

Best Subject for Sage:

  • Wild Aim Matter X
    • As a healer battle job that has a lot of offensive skills under his belt, Sage can help his party significantly by not only protecting or healing them, but also doing a lot of damage to enemies.
    • Because of this, fusing Savage Aim Materia to add to its Critical Hit stats will help even more, as Crit can allow Sages to deal more damage with their abilities and spells.
  • Heavens' Eye Materia X / Savage Might Materia X
    • Likewise, in the event that players are unable to fuse Savage Aim Materia X because it is covered or red, Sages can be merged into Determination or Direct Strike to allow more damage to flow into their rotation.

9. monge

FF14 Best Materia for each class (and how to get them) 2022 Edition (9)

Monk, one of the DPS jobs that received major changes in the latest expansion.

Monk became one of the most popular Melees after the game decided to reduce the number of ranks they had while adding skills and other job requirements.

Best Monk Material:

  • Quickarm Matter X
    • As the first melee job listed in this article, Monk is one of the DPS jobs that requires a lot of Speed ​​to deal optimal damage. Therefore, smelting Quickarm Materia to get the desired minimum skill speed is the most important thing for every monk.
  • Wild Aim Matter X
    • After fusing enough skill speed to be able to deal optimized damage according to his ping and fps, players can fuse Critical Hit Materia to further increase his monk's damage dealt by Critical Damage.

10. Dragon

FF14 Best Materia for each class (and how to get them) 2022 Edition (10)

Dragon, the battle job who specializes in all things dragon and jumping.

Dragoon is often referred to as the poster child for Heavensward and the main work that is heavily featured in the expansion itself.

Best Material for Dragon:

  • Wild Aim Matter X
    • Again, Critical Hit is a great feature in this particular battle job. As a DPS, Dragoon can deal a lot of damage to his enemies using his skills and abilities. Further boosting your hits with Savage Aim Materia will help dragons deal more damage through their critical hits.
  • Heavens' Eye Materia X / Savage Might Materia X
    • After melding Critical Hit into all available slots, Dragoon can fill the remaining Meld slots with Determination or Direct Hit to further increase the damage they deal to enemies. Never leave a fusion slot empty after getting your high-end gear. .

11. Ninjas

FF14 Best Materia for each class (and how to get them) 2022 Edition (11)

Ninja is the battle work that lurks in the shadows and performs a brutal attack when his enemies don't notice.

Ninja, Monk, and Dragoon are melee battle jobs introduced in the Final Fantasy XIV base game, A Realm Reborn. A Ninja's job is to help his allies, improving them while damaging his enemies with his skilled Ninjutsu.

Best Matter for Ninja:

  • Wild Aim Matter X
    • As a ninja, combining critical strike stat boosters in your team will significantly help you deal more damage to enemies, especially through your blunt attacks like Ten-Chi-Jin.
  • Wild Power Matter X / Heavenly Eye Matter X
    • Since Ninja is one of the busier melee DPS out there, Skill Speed ​​isn't necessary to further complicate the job. Instead, ninjas can further increase their damage by comboing Determination or Direct Hit Materia into their empty combo slots, allowing them to deal greater numbers per attack.

12. Samurai

FF14 Best Materia for each class (and how to get them) 2022 Edition (12)

Samurai, a job that came from the far east and is ready to attack his enemies with skillful sword arts.

Samurai is another melee battle job introduced in Stormblood, the game's second expansion after Heavensward. Samurai must maintain their Iaijutsu and Kenki while wielding a wide range of skills and variations.

The best material for Samurai:

  • Quickarm Matter X
    • As a samurai, being able to perform more attacks will always be great for speeding up your rotation and being able to build up your Iaijutsu and Kenki meter faster. Therefore, smelting Skill Speed ​​to the recommended level is always the first priority for all Samurai.
  • Wild Aim Matter X
    • Once samurai speed up their skills to optimal speed, they can further increase the damage they do by casting Critical Strike, allowing them to deal more damage, especially on blunt attacks like Meikyo Shisui.

13. Reaper

FF14 Best Materia for each class (and how to get them) 2022 Edition (13)

Reaper, the newest melee weapon that makes a connection to the void to deal massive damage to your enemies.

Reaper is the most well-known melee DPS right now, due to it being the newest battlejob introduced in Endwalker, as well as the insane damage they can deal to the party.

Best Matter for Reaper:

  • Wild Aim Matter X
    • Since a Reaper is a killing machine that can deal a lot of damage to its enemies, matching the Critical Hit damage boost to your team is a top priority for the new core Reapers. This allows a Reaper to deal more damage each time it hits critical hits and therefore kills the boss much faster.
  • Wild Power Matter X / Heavenly Eye Matter X
    • After fusing Savage Aim Materia to increase their crit, Reapers can fuse Determination and Direct Strike in the remaining slots to further increase the numbers they can deal each time they attack their enemies.

14. Bardo

FF14 Best Materia for each class (and how to get them) 2022 Edition (14)

Bard is the newest and most famous ranged physical DPS after the job changes in Endwalker.

Bard is another battle job that underwent a significant change after Endwalker, elevating the job to one of the most popular physical tiers today. With less procs and RNG to deal with, as well as the ability to increase his own damage instead of just his party members, Bard can now become a battle monster.

Best Material for Bard:

  • Wild Aim Matter X
    • Like other jobs already mentioned above, Bard is another DPS battle job that will receive a significant boost if players fuse Critical Hit Materia into their gear. This will allow Bard's critical strikes to deal much more damage to enemies.
  • Wild Power Matter X
    • Savage Might Materia Fusions will help increase a bard's Resolve, a stat that increases the normal damage done by bards. The fusion of resolve in the remaining slots will help bards launch stronger attacks against enemies.

15. driver

FF14 Best Materia for each class (and how to get them) 2022 Edition (15)

Machinist, physical work at a distance that deals with weapons, machines and automatons.

The Machinist is also known as the Killing Machine, a long-range physical DPS that doesn't have to deal with RNG. This is due to the fact that of the three ranged DPS available to play right now, only Machinist has no RNG or Procs related abilities.

Best material for machinist:

  • Wild Aim Matter X
    • Like Bards, it's important for all Machinists to prioritize fusing Savage Aim Materia into their team to increase the amount of critical hits they deal to enemies. With the Reassemble ability, this becomes even more important to them.
  • Wild Power Matter X
    • After Endwalker increased the Determination stat, Savage Might Materia became a priority for many battle jobs these days, including Machinist. Considering Machinist is a battle job that can deal a lot of skills in a short amount of time, Savage Might Materia is a good Materia choice.
    • After combining all available Critical Hit combinations, the Machinist can further increase the damage done by combining Savage Might Materia, as Determination allows his abilities to deal much more damage.

16. ballerina

FF14 Best Materia for each class (and how to get them) 2022 Edition (16)

Dancer is the newest ranged physical job introduced in the Shadowbringers expansion.

While Dancer is the most well-known long-range physical DPS in Shadowbringers, the number of core Dancer players in Endwalker has declined due to changes made to this specific job. However, this does not mean that the work is unworkable or undesirable. Dancer is still primarily a DPS that can help your party in many ways.

Best material for dancer:

  • Wild Aim Matter X
    • Like the other two physical range DPS's on this list, dancers should also prioritize critical hit combinations to deal optimal damage to enemies using their skills.
  • Wild Power Matter X
    • Also similar to Machinist and Bard, casting Resolve on the remaining fusion points will also help Dancers deal more damage to enemies. When a dancer has a good dance partner, the combination of both materials also helps to increase the dancer's damage.

17. Black Mage

FF14 Best Materia for each class (and how to get them) 2022 Edition (17)

Black Mage deals incredible damage to enemies through his Fire, Thunder and Ice spell.

Black Mage is a classic magic DPS known from old Final Fantasy titles, dealing damage to your enemies with powerful spells and casts.

Best Black Mage Material:

  • Wild Aim Matter X
    • Unlike other battle jobs listed, Black Mages have two variations on how players can use this job. The first is better known as "Critical Black Magicians".
    • Critical Black Mages prioritize increased damage over comfort and mobility, and therefore fuse Savage Aim Materia to increase their critical strike and allow them to deal as much damage as possible. This set will allow a Black Mage to deal massive amounts of damage but have far less mobility, risking their lives or rotation.
  • Fast language matters X
    • The other set that a Black Mage can choose to use is the "Black Mage Spell Speed", which uses Quicktongue Materia X instead of Savage Aim Materia X.
      • While they can deal less damage because they will have a lower critical hit, they will be able to cast faster, which allows them to cast more spells and move more frequently, which allows them greater mobility and flexibility.

18. Summoner

FF14 Best Materia for each class (and how to get them) 2022 Edition (18)

Summoner, the battle job that underwent the most changes in the Endwalker expansion.

Summoners and Black Mages were the first two Caster DPS battle jobs introduced early in the game in A Realm Reborn. As a Summoner, they have the ability to summon Primals they previously fought to aid them in battle.

Best Summoner Material:

  • Fast language matters X
    • Since Summoner has gone through major changes to Endwalker that make the job have little to no oGCD for long periods of battle, smelting Quicktongue Materia for faster spell speed is the way to go so Summoners can deal more damage with less delay between each GCD. .
  • Wild Aim Matter X
    • After smelting the Quicktongue Materia needed to get the optimal spell speed to deal more damage as a summoner, players can smelt Critical Hit materia in their remaining slots so they can deal more damage with their spells.

19. Red Wizard

FF14 Best Materia for each class (and how to get them) 2022 Edition (19)

Red Mage received a huge boost after the Battle Jobs update in Endwalker.

Red Mage is the most recent DPS Caster in the game, having been introduced alongside Samurai in the Stormblood expansion. As a Red Mage, players can cast powerful spells and use a melee combo to damage their enemies as part of their rotation.

Best Materia for Red Mage:

  • Wild Aim Matter X
    • As a Red Mage, the speed of spells is irrelevant as they are dual cast and can instantly cast their second spell each time. Not to mention, they also have their powerful melee combo that doesn't factor in your spell speed.
    • Therefore, fusing Critical Hit Fusions into your team is the highest priority for all Red Mages. With combinations of critical hits, they will be able to deal more damage with their spells and melee combos.
  • Wild Power Matter X
    • After fusing Savage Aim Materia into all slots, Red Mages can fill the remaining Meld slots with Savage Might Materia to increase their resolution, further increasing the damage they can deal with each attack they inflict on enemies. .

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