FFXIV 6.4 release date and everything revealed in Live Letter 77 (2023)

this oneFinal Fantasy 14 release date 6.4officially, we have more details for your next majorfinal fantasy 14Patch courtesy of game director Naoki Yoshida and community producer Toshio Murouchi. Final Fantasy 14 Live Letter 77 details new quests, dungeons, trials, balance changes, and other critically acclaimed updatesMMORPG, we have summarized all the details for you below.

The pair, also known as "Yoshi-P" and "Morbol," in their unique, relaxed style, walk us through many of the features coming in the next patch for Final Fantasy 14. As we work on our fourth update after Endwalker, now more than ever we're focusing on the story we can expect in the next full expansion. Final Fantasy 14 7.0, Yoshida commented that the team had to very carefully choose scenes for the trailer without revealing too much about the direction of the story.

FFXIV Patch 6.4 Release Date

FFXIV 6.4 release date is May 23rd. Updated titled "The Dark Throne". This includes new main story content, dungeons, trials, raids and more as the MMO sets the narrative for the next full expansion. There will also be class balance changes, including an expansion of the Blue Mage class.

You can watch the trailer for FFXIV Patch 6.4 below:

FFXIV Live Letter 77 Pregled

With the release date confirmed, Yoshida and Murauchi delved into the details of the upcoming Dark Throne patch for Final Fantasy 14. If you want a quick rundown of what to expect, I've listed all the points asTip 76Overview, but for more detailed details see here.

FFXIV 6.4 Story Missions and Responsibilities

Of course, both the main story missions and Tataru's Grande Endeavor will continue at a fast pace. Yoshida took a moment to ask anyone who hasn't completed the Shadowbringers Sorrow of Werlyt questline to do so, stressing that it's "full of what we love about mecha anime" and perhaps hinting that it could be related to upcoming content. I should also add that his ultimate interrogation is one of my personal favorites so don't miss it.

The always lovely Mr. Inspector Hildibrand is of course back again, though you'll have to wait for patch 6.45 to see that. Yoshida noted that this line of quests "could lead to some unexpected discoveries," though he saidmandeville weaponAnd brilliant tools will not change dramatically.

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Next up is a new dungeon, The Aetherfont, and a new track, The Voidcast Dais, with Yoshida commenting that "some of the scenes seen in the dungeon trailer might remind players of Heavensward." On the new illusory trial against Zurvan in Containment Bay Z1T9, Yoshida Commenting on how he thinks many players haven't had the original fight and laughing, "It's going to be fun."

Jumping into The Voidcast Dais experiment, Yoshida finds his little Lalafellian Dark Mage atop a giant purple-rimmed cube floating in space. He commented that the cube was created for this battle, "certainly not by the Warriors of Light." He also scoffed at suggestions in live chat that the cube might move or deform. They've been very vague about the trial, but it's been pretty bad, so I doubt there could be a turn in the cards.

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Pandaemonium: Anabaseios concludes a series of attacks on Pandaemonium. Yoshida talked about how many characters are connected to the story of the Raid series and said he's excited to see how it ends. As with the previous release, the team will release Savage Assault a week after the patch, giving players time to enjoy patch 6.4 at a more leisurely pace, and release Pandaemonium: Anabaseios (Savage) on May 30th.

Yoshida shows some P9, against Cocytus, a pale boss he's seen before. Yoshi-P again commented on how similar he is to the Kamen Rider character, saying that they can't show the raid series anymore, but the arenas and boss instructions on each floor are very different. He added that level four is a personal favorite, but "I think it might be a little difficult even in normal mode." I guess time will tell.

Support for the Stormblood Dungeon Sea of ​​​​​​Songs, Badam's Valor, Doma Castle, Albania Castle, and Alamigo's Duty has been launched, allowing you to play with your NPC story companions instead of human teams. Play together. The developers are hard at work trying to round up working support for the rest of the Stormblood dungeons in the next patch, though Yoshida emphasized that it's not set in stone yet.

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Final Fantasy 6.4 Job Tweaks and Balance

There are also tweaks to card jobs, including the long-awaited Blue Mage update. There won't be any major changes to the standard operation, the tweaks are mostly meant to tip the balance. Yoshida noted that a lot of feedback came from the Dark Knight, and that the other three tanks will get some good points. However, you'll have to wait for the patch notes for full details on these and other classes.

The range of some party buffs has been increased to 30 yards - meaning they'll cover most of the field for boss fights. Yoshida noted that this change doesn't address things like healing range, but instead specifically targets partial improvements. "No, chat, [Black Mage's] leylines don't reach a 30 meter radius," he laughs.

Some work actions are being tweaked to improve usability. Casting Paladin's Atonement will no longer break your combo, and Dragoon's jump and jump abilities will no longer affect your character's position on the server, meaning they can now be cast while bound. Yoshida explained that while it still looks like you're jumping, you'll no longer accidentally jump into any dangerous AoEs. I can already hear my fellow Dragoon fans letting out a sigh of relief.

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FFXIV 6.4 Loot Drop Changes

In typical Yoshi-P action, what FFXIV drops from its premium content is changing in an effort to get players to spend less time grinding. Pandaemonium: Anabaseios (Barbarians) will no longer grant duplicate armor pieces for the same slot, and body gear can be obtained from the eleventh round of Anabaseios.

Equipment has been consolidated into one safe instead of two, although Yoshida emphasized that the number of dropouts has not changed. Books can be exchanged between floors, and the fourth floor can be exchanged one-for-one for any of the other three floors.

"Because I want everyone to be able to tackle a lot of content and play other games, I don't want it to feel like it's going to take long, and you're definitely going to be raiding in FFXIV," Yoshida said. "A lot of other games are coming out in May and June." Answer to the chat with the question whetherfinal fantasy 16 release date, Yoshida directs, and said that the plan is to keep this model in the future.

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FFXIV 6.4 Island Sanctuary Update

Next up is FFXIV Island Sanctuary, which received some very welcome additions in patch 6.4. There are new sanctuary levels and visions, wild gathering places, additional lands to build shelters, new item bonuses, materials, crafting items, crops, animals, island crafts and structures.

As mentioned earlier, you can now place outdoor furniture near Island Sanctuary buildings. As you progress, you'll unlock up to 90 slots for this, excluding some special furniture like attractive dolls and gardens. Yoshida confirms that furniture in your inventory can be placed as pendants, and individual items can be reused as many times as you like.

Yoshida Let's see this feature in action, placing furniture within the area marked with the blue outline. You can also tint your furniture to change its color and use Island Prism to register furniture so you can place it even if it's not in your inventory. The footnote added that future updates will increase the number of island prisms created by crafting.

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FFXIV 6.4 variants and standard dungeons

The Variant and Criterion dungeon for patch 6.4 is Mount Rokkon. The second part of the new branching mode works like the first such dungeon, The Sil'dihnov Subterrane. You don't have to complete it before jumping onto Mount Rokkon, but if you do, you'll have an idea of ​​what to expect.

The original Variant dungeon mode is described as a "level 90 level game for 1-4 players," with no character limits and difficulty adjusted to your party size. Kugane friends and Hancock's Scions will join you and choose your path through the dungeon, encountering different battles and story beats depending on which path you choose. You'll also get special "Acts of Duty" that can compensate for any character imbalances in your team's composition, allowing you to heal, taunt, revive, deal damage, or boost your party's defense.

Criterion Dungeon, another Mount Rokkon (and its Brutal variant), requires a full team of four players—in fact, you can't even match Brutal and have to organize your party in advance. Respawns are not allowed in Savage Mode, if your team is wiped out, all defeated enemies will be revived, and there is a rage timer - making this one of the hardest things in the game.

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FFXIV 6.4 Mounts and minions

We got a sneak peek at some of the mounts coming in the new patch. These include a bed you can fly in, a cute newt, a utility plane for private flying, and a terrifying red Cacodemon creature with a long tongue that your character sits on. There's also an adorable pet monkey, a rather terrifying alien statue, an adorable otter, and possibly the cutest puppy I've ever seen in an MMO.

FFXIV 6.4 PvP and Frontline Changes

The fourth series of PvP begins with the seventh season of Clash of Crystals in patch 6.4. Frontline has received several major revisions, with a new user interface for displaying race times and results, an updated in-game map for easier terrain navigation, and changes to damage dealt and damage taken, and limiting meter fills based on position rate. If you're a Frontline fan, all the details are in the full patch notes. Yoshida also joked that the new triangular map is connected to today's release of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

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FFXIV 6.4 Various Updates

For more clarity, here are all the other warnings from FFXIV patch 6.4, mentioned by the way in this live letter:

  • The Allagan Comedy Canon will be added.
  • Scholar Fairy Charms (Eos, Selene and Carbuncle).
  • Increases the maximum equipment set for all characters by 100 regardless of mission progress.
  • Job icons will now appear on chat logs and on player nameplates.
  • Market board transaction fees can now be included in its price.
  • Wings glasses and accessories now show in battle.
  • When casting an amulet in an inn room, you can now choose which items to store in places like dressers and closets.

That's all there is now. pooh We hope this article can help you navigate the big live stream. If you want to watch the presentation in its entirety, you can watch it below, but please note that the audio is in Japanese and there is English text on the slides. Many thanks as always for the wonderful "Miuna" and "iluna minori"final fantasy 14 nesklad(invitation opens in a new window) Thanks for the excellent live translation.

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applyFinal Fantasy 6.38 Patch NotesUpdate before the next patch and make sure you've done your thingfinal fantasy 14 animal sanctuary islandBookmark before the 6.4 release so you're ready to dive into the new content. If that's somehow not enough for you, we've rounded up the bestonline game for one playerto try.

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