Final Fantasy 14: Complete Guide to Playing Gunbreaker (2023)

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Gunbreaker is one of themFinal Fantasy 14The three classes of tanks. Added in the Shadowbringers expansion, the Gunbreaker class gives players the ability to wield the gunblade - a melee weapon that can also fire magic grenades to deal massive amounts of damage. This class uses this power to provide incredible defense as a tank in group compositions.

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This elegant and exciting job can be easy to learn but difficult to master, as it packs a wide range of combo possibilities, defensive skills, and a wide range of utilities into its kit. It's also surprisingly accessible for those learning tanking for the first time, and could be the perfect place to start learning the fundamentals of tanking in Final Fantasy 14.


How to unlock Gunbreaker

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Like other classes added in expansion content,This class cannot be played from the beginning. To unlock Gunbreaker you must first have achieved Level 60 in any Disciple of War joband I pay for itShadowbrers Expansion.

After meeting these requirements,Gunbreaker can be unlockedtalking to the NPCgod's quiver bowEmCentral Death (X:19, Y:28). This starts the first job quest, and upon completion unlocks the Gunbreaker class, a Gunbreaker armor set, and the Job Stone item. From this point on, Gunbreaker job quests will continue with the NPCRadovanin different places (see the "Employment Opportunities" section below).

How to play Gunbreaker

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Like a tank classThe Gunbreaker's main objective is to get the attention ("aggro") of all enemies the party faces.and take most damage from these enemies. Simultaneously,The tank must also deal damageEusing your defensive and self-healing abilities to mitigate the overall damage dealt.

PanzerControl the pace of encounters in group-based contentand Gunbreaker is no different. The Gunbreaker in particular has several high damage combos that are good for both single target and multi targets.a set of defensive skills with a non-global cooldownwhich can be used to bring dangerous situations under control quickly.

A good gunbreaker must be reactive and quick-witted, carefully balancing all of his abilities to deal damage, generate enmity, and keep his defenses in equal measure.

dust meter

Final Fantasy 14: Complete Guide to Playing Gunbreaker (3)

Odust meterThe system for Gunbreaker isn't particularly complicated, but it requires some explanation before we can offer recommendations on abilities and rotations.

Like other tank job postings,In the center of this gauge is an icon that shows whether your tank's Royal Guard stance is on or off.. the circle goesglows red when turned on. In general,It is ideal to maintain this tank stance in most encounters where you are the main tank.. The only exception is if you are in multi-tank groups and you are not the designated main tank.

Around the light to theRoyal GuardThey arethree cassette slotsrepresented by three circles. They are empty until you activate an ability likecontinuous operationordemonic killing, which adds one bullet to your gunpowder meter in addition to damage. Each glowing blue circle represents a bullet that can be spent on higher powered skills. using the skillcontinuation, you can chain multiple bullet-consuming skills together into a long combo.

Recommended skills and rotations

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After turning on theRoyal GuardTank position and pulling the enemy, you should start using Gunbreaker's basic damage rotation and main rounds for more damaging attacks. All you have to do is do the followinga simple combination of three buttons: It starts withsharp edge, continue withfalls brutally,and ends withcontinuous operationthis will give youa cartridgeto spend.

Right after the start of the fight, you must use the skillNo mercy. This is an incredibly useful buff that grants your attacksDeal 20% more damage. Activate this on cooldown whenever available to keep it active. Ideally, you should time this to get the most action within the active buff window.

  • In multi-enemy situations, you'll probably want to useGunbreaker Two-Button AoE Rotation. It starts withdemon diskand ends withdemonic killing. Demon Slaughter also gives you a cartridge to spend.
  • Once you've accumulated a few shells, you'll want to spend them. One way to do this is with a long combo that uses both global and non-global cooldown abilities.
  • The first attack in this sequence isCrusher Dam, continuing with a non-global cooldown skill calledthroat hit(By default, this skill is titledcontinuation, but changes the name depending on where you are in that combo).
  • Afterthroat hityou can runwild claw, so the non-global cooldown skillabdominal tear. Afterabdominal tear, can take you straight to itevil claw. It's a long combo, but it's worth it for doing a lot of damage.
  • Burst-Strikeand skill level 86hyperspeedare also linked to the Continuation skill and work the same way:hyperspeedcan only be done underready to explodebonus given byBurst-Strike.

In addition to the skills mentioned in these three essential combos, there are a few other global weapon-cooling skills that can be used during the combo or to waste bullets.

skill name

skill function

sound fracture

Offers a 300 pot attack with an additional 60 pot damage over time effect.


Power 150 Ranged Projectile Attack.

circle of fate

Deals 290 Power to all nearby enemies for one bullet.


Deals 1200 Power to the first enemy hit and 20% less for each enemy subsequently hit.

It is important to note thatsound fracture,Burst-Strike,Ecircle of fateIt does not break the basic combination of three single-target buttons, and therefore it can be integrated throughout the rotation.

Goodis Gunbreaker's massive damage attack that is unlocked at level 90.for two cartridges, you can attack any nearby enemy that is tradingan incredible 1,200 power for the first enemy it hits and 20 percent less for each enemy it hits afterwards.

There are also a number of defensive and offensive abilities that the Gunbreaker can employ to bolster his tanking abilities.without using global cooldown, plus a variety of skills useful for specific situations. Some of them arepaper stocks, which means they are shared with other tank jobs.

skill name

skill function


Applies a 200 power regeneration effect to the target.


Increases parry rate by 50% and reduces damage taken by 10%


Reduces damage taken by 30% for 15 seconds.


Reduces your HP to 1 and grants you 10 seconds of invulnerability.

heart of stone

Reduces damage taken by you or a party member by 15%.

gross decomposition

A jump attack with power 150. Contains 2 charges.


Reduces damage taken by 20% for 20 seconds.

arm length

Grants a barrier that nullifies the effects of attraction and repulsion.

To provoke

Generates a large amount of enmity.


Redirects 25% of enmity to the target.

heart of light

Reduces magic damage taken by self and party members by 10%

corundum heart

Reduces damage taken by yourself or a party member by 15% and applies a regeneration effect when used under the effect of Brutal Shell.


Reduces damage dealt by nearby enemies by 10%.

blood festival

Adds 3 rounds to your gunpowder gauge.

danger zone

Power Instant Attack 250.

explosion zone

Instant attack with 700 power.

shock book

Attack for 150 Power damage to all nearby enemies, plus 60 Power damage over time that adds for 15 seconds.

  • In situations where you take high damage,aurorais useful self-healing while skills likecamouflageEMistProvide excellent mitigation by increasing yourdeviateEdamage reductionby high percentages. Nebula has a pretty high reset timer at 120 seconds. So only use it when you need it most.
  • Superbolidois Gunbreaker's unique "Emergency Switch" ability. Using this skill reduces your healthexcept for one hpand doesYou are immune to attacks for ten seconds..This is a risky move.this should only be used when you are close to death. It's common to use a macro along with this ability to also send a group message so the healer is notified and can use the brief window to heal them.
  • heart of stoneis another useful ability that can reduce the damage taken, but can also be used on another party member.corundum heartit's like an improved version of the same concept, but it also applies ahealing effectif the recipientreaches 50 percent or less health.
  • gross decompositionit's a skill you should use often. It's a jump attack with the same power assharp edge, but it's an instant-cast ability with a 30-second recast timer, so it can be linked at multiple points in your regular rotation.
  • WallETo provokeform the core of the role actions for Gunbreaker and provide more standard tools forreduce damageand one forgenerate enmityor.
  • danger zoneEexplosion zoneare high power instant attack variants whileshock bookdeals a small amount of AoE damage with aadditional damage over time. Use these intermediate combinations.


Final Fantasy 14: Complete Guide to Playing Gunbreaker (5)

Like other jobs, between level 60 and 80 you need to complete some job quests to get important items and unlock certain basic skills. These are essential to having the full range of skills for the job. Most of these missions are offered byRadovanin different places.

Mission Name


skills unlocked

Other Rewards

The Ingredients of a GunbreakR


N / D

Soul of Gunbreaker, High Steel Gunblade, Outsider's Attire Coffer

rented gunblades


N / D

For better or for worse


Confessions of a Flaming Mutt


Of deserters and defenders


steel against steel



Patriot Blades


N / D

Battledance Materia VII, Savage Aim Materia VII, Savage Might Materia VII

equipment and materials

Final Fantasy 14: Complete Guide to Playing Gunbreaker (6)

As with other tanks, the Gunbreaker uses 'the defense' Hall. This type of equipment increases statsStrengthEvitalityas a priority that will increase yourDanoEPSor.

When it's aboutmerge subjectFor Gunbreaker you must go for Materia which increasescritical strike,skill speed,Edirect attack. If you can balance all three, great, but if you need to prioritizecritical strikeis always a safe bet for this class.

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