How to use artificial garden plants to brighten up your outdoor space (2023)

If your home isn't blessed with natural sunlight, artificial flowers can be a godsend, especially when you consider the wide range of fake garden plants, fake bouquets and stems that sometimes look better than the real ones.

But what about your outdoor space? If it's looking a little lackluster, you can give it the wow factor and fake it with plants that keep pouring rain or shine.


Why Use Fake Garden Plants?

"If you're short on time, don't have a naturally green thumb, or the growing environment isn't conducive to natural plants, you can always use artificial greenery," says George Brooke, senior design manager at Cameron Landscapes & Gardens (

"Plants are becoming increasingly realistic, although we always recommend using a combination of natural and artificial plants for the best effect."

we like itSet of three artificial potted plants, available from Amazon.

How to use artificial garden plants to brighten up your outdoor space (1)How to use artificial garden plants to brighten up your outdoor space (2)

Real plants cannot thrive on balconies, roof gardens or terraces if there is not enough light, it is too hot, too cold, too humid, they are not cared for or they cause allergies. Even more reason to think about faking your foliage.

For springtime inspiration in artificial greens that you will enjoy for years, here's a look at artificial garden plant art...

What can artificial plants do for a garden?

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"You can have an immediate impact," Brooke says. "Many plants take years to establish, so adding artificial plants to fill in the initial actual planting gives the foliage an immediate sense of maturity and volume."

Should you mix artificial plants and real foliage?

“We like to use a mix of artificial and real, which helps reduce maintenance and add a lush feel. For example, natural plants encourage wildlife, provide scent, texture and color, while artificial vines are fantastic,” adds Brooke.

"As well as the 'living' green walls and the palms, trees and bushes inside are incredibly realistic and effective."

How can you make artificial plants look as natural as possible?

"Use them in places where real plants won't thrive, like little dark corners," suggests Brooke. “Don't complicate your arrangement by using too many species.

“Thin-leaved artificial plants usually look more real, since large-leaved plants can be very light. A row of pots with a mix of real and artificial plants in soil or preserved moss can look brilliant on a patio.”

Should people consider a fake lawn?

"[They] are especially good for smaller areas, or where you have kids or pets that will turn the lawn into a muddy mess, or a yard that doesn't have light or is overgrown with trees that the lawn won't survive" he tells Brooke.

Some gardeners consider "fake" a scam?

"I'm sure yes. There is a real argument that artificial turf grasses prevent worms from aerating the soil and are detrimental. And of course, artificial plants don't encourage wildlife and insects," says Brooke.

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“We love real plants and have always used them whenever possible. However, we also understand the realities of people's lives today and believe there is always a case for the right material in the right place.”

Thisartificial blondeadds a touch of class to your entryway, available on Amazon.

How to use artificial garden plants to brighten up your outdoor space (4)How to use artificial garden plants to brighten up your outdoor space (5)

How to protect artificial flowers, plants and shrubs from external influences?

"Just like lampshades, cushions or other fabrics/furniture, they need to be cleaned and dusted," says Brooke. “Artificial plants are plastic, so they survive for a long time. If you're worried about fading in the sun, you can purchase UV stable options that will stand up to the elements.”

Bring the outdoors in

Don't have an outdoor space? Don't worry - bring the outdoors in with these artificial indoor flowers that look just as good as the real...

“The advantages of artificial flowers over real ones are endless. You are not restricted by the seasons, so you can enjoy your favorite flowers all year round. They are incredibly lifelike, but unlike real flowers, they require no maintenance and will not wither and die," says Lucinda Waterhouse, co-founder ofOK🇧🇷 "Even though a bouquet of artificial flowers costs more than the real ones, they are everlasting, so consider them an investment.

“You can bring your summer garden atmosphere indoors with our collection of artificial flowers and plants. Unsurpassed quality, our artificial flowers are not only incredibly lifelike, but also practical and extremely easy to care for.

“Rotate individual artificial flower stems in and out throughout the seasons,” she suggests, “to keep your arrangements seasonal. And put some water in a clear vase to create the illusion that your artificial flower arrangement is real.

Best Selling Fake Garden Plants

Are you looking for inspiration? Check out our list of Amazon best sellers!

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How to use artificial garden plants to brighten up your outdoor space (7)

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  • Outdoor Artificial Plants: Our artificial flowers are UV resistant, no water required, no sunlight required. which can keep the beauty in your home and garden all the time.

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How to use artificial garden plants to brighten up your outdoor space (8)

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  • No maintenance and no fading: artificial ferns are a practical alternative to live plants, they look fresh year after year and stay the same beautiful, you don't have to worry...
  • Dimension: Each package contains 2 pieces artificial ivy. The total length of each artificial vine is 85cm; Each vine contains 5 stems and there are 81 tufts of artificial grass in total.

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How to use artificial garden plants to brighten up your outdoor space (9)

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How to use artificial garden plants to brighten up your outdoor space (10)

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How to use artificial garden plants to brighten up your outdoor space (11)

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  • bouquets; Our artificial bouquets are easily enough to fill a vase or vase; For quality artificial garden flowers, we have the answer.

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