Leeds Bradford Airport destinations: 10 places to fly to - Times Travel (2023)

Operating 24 hours a day, Leeds Bradford Airport is never quiet, with flights to more than 60 destinations in Europe. Jet2 is the largest airline here, with a wide range of flights that will take you to cultural capitals and beach holidays.

Six different parking options are available, from meet and greet service to long-term parking accessible by bus. Unfortunately there is no train station but there are regular buses between Leeds, Bradford, Harrogate and the airport.

Inside the terminal you will find eight restaurants and cafes and three salons. Boots and WHSmith are also available for any last minute travel essentials.

Main image: The town of Bosa in northwestern Sardinia (Getty Images)

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Where can I fly from Leeds Bradford?

Leeds Bradford Airport destinations: 10 places to fly to - Times Travel (1)

1.barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is one of the few cities that can combine top cultural attractions with a classic beach vacation - it's no wonder that more than 27 million tourists visit it every year. No visit would be complete without seeing one of Antonio Gaudi's many architectural projects in the city, including the ongoing Sagrada Familia, which is due to be completed in 2026 after 144 years. For art lovers, the Picasso Museum showcases the artist's versatility with a particular focus on his early life, while Montjuïc and the 1992 Olympic Park offer wide spaces for anyone looking to escape the city blocks. Direct Jet2 flights run several times a week with a flight duration of two and a half hours.Barcelona Edition*: A haven of refined luxury in the old town with a beautiful rooftop bar and pool overlooking the red roofs of the city.

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The best hotels in Barcelona

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2.the island of Corfu, Greece

About a three and a half hour flight away, Corfu is one of the closest Greek islands in the Ionian Sea and the last stop on Odysseus' fairytale tour. Unlike its volcanic cousins ​​in the Aegean, Corfu is emerald green thanks to its landscape of cypress and olive groves. For a bit of cultural sightseeing, head to the 2,800-year-old town of Corfu, with its cobbled streets and pastel-coloured houses, and be sure to try some of the local dishes, including sofrito, beef in a white wine sauce.Dome Miramar*A tranquil adults-only resort, renovated with striking natural materials and a modern Mediterranean style; the infinity pool overlooks the Ionian Sea.

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The best hotels in Corfu

Leeds Bradford Airport destinations: 10 places to fly to - Times Travel (3)

3.Dublin, Ireland

With less than an hour in the air, Dublin is closer to home and a popular destination for weekend city breaks. You might not leave a Guinness lover, but many visitors returning from the city swear by the locally brewed beer, and you'll have a good time with friendly locals in the city's pubs and bars. From the Little Museum of Dublin with its fascinating tour of Irish history to the magnificent National Museum, there are plenty of museums and parks to keep you entertained. this oneWestin Dublin*Just a short walk from Trinity College and the 18th-century Halfpenny Bridge, it offers five-star luxury.

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The best hotels in Dublin

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4.Gran Canaria, Spain

Gran Canaria is the third largest of the Canary Islands, located off the northwest coast of Africa. The flight time is only five hours, but it is well worth the trip: Gran Canaria's warm climate makes it almost the only place in Europe where the sun is guaranteed all year round, making it a popular destination for sunbathers in winter. The island has a history of volcanic eruptions, and its diverse landscapes range from Sahara-like sand dunes to an alpine interior. stay insideLopesan Baobab Resort*Because of its unusual African-inspired design and spacious pool surrounded by lush tropical landscape.

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The best hotels in Gran Canaria

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5.Alright, France

Located on the Côte d'Azur, Nice enjoys more than 300 days of sunshine each year, so it combines a wealth of cultural attractions with maritime amenities. Long a home away from home for artists and aristocrats, the city has a rich art scene with museums dedicated to Renoir, Matisse and Chagall. Take a day trip to Cannes, famous for its film festival, playground for the rich and famous, and a marina that has made it to the Who's Who of billionaires. For a classic escape, give it a tryHyatt Palais Mediterranee Nica*, located on the Promenade des Anglais, thanks to a renovation in 2004, its historic art deco facade meets a modern interior.

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the best hotels in Nice

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6.Paris, France

Paris is a city that always has something to offer, no matter how many times you've been or who you've been with. Just 90 minutes by plane, the city is the perfect city break. Venture up the 674 steps of the Eiffel Tower, visit the Panthéon, where more than 70 French celebrities are buried, or join the crowds to catch a glimpse of the Mona Lisa. World-class churches, museums and fine dining abound - you'll be spoiled for choice. this oneIntercontinental hotel*A very good base hotel in close proximity to the Opera House and two major shopping centers and within 20 minutes' walk of almost everything.

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the best hotel in paris

Leeds Bradford Airport destinations: 10 places to fly to - Times Travel (7)

7.dubrovnik, Croatia

After a three-hour Jet2 ride, you can start your journey to Dubrovnik, admiring the cityscape famous for its terracotta roofsGame of Thrones.You will recognize the distinctive old town center surrounded by thick stone walls built in the 16th century, and guarded by low fortresses. This part of Croatia's Adriatic coast is dominated by rocky ledges and pebbly beaches that drop into the azure sea, so it's not a typical beach vacation spot, but if you can brave the rocks, you'll see a dramatic cove shaded by cypress trees. Located just outside the old city walls,Hilton Imperial Dubrovnik*It occupies a colorful building from 1897 with a beautiful view of the city and the sea.

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The best hotels in Dubrovnik

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8. Salzburg,Austria

Sometimes seen only as a gateway to the Alps, Austria's Salzburg is just as charming in the warm summer months, when the palace gardens come alive and everything seems to be blooming. But in winter, the city really comes into its own: the snowy Hohensalzburg fortress overlooks the city, which begins to fill up with cozy Christmas markets that smell of mulled wine and roasted chestnuts. If the weather is bad, head to one of Salzburg's many concerts, where you can hear a live orchestra perform Mozart's hits. Opened in 1866.Hotel Sacher Salzburg*A city icon and part of the famous Austrian confectionery empire Sacher; the hotel's historic building by the river offers a beautiful view of the city.

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Leeds Bradford Airport destinations: 10 places to fly to - Times Travel (9)

9.Sardinia, Italy

Sardinia is much more than little Italy, as you will notice as soon as you get off the two or three quarter hour flights: here you hear Sardinian as much as Italian. The island is a melting pot of cultures, thanks to its history as a starting point for maritime civilizations on their way to foreign lands: Phoenicians, Byzantines and even Catalans all left their mark. But the real reason to go to Sardinia is its beaches — an abundance of white sand that ranks among the best bays in Europe. If you want something different, stay in the wildernessKasciuni Eco Resort*, a simple shepherd's song. You won't trip over other guests or fight over sunbeds here: each of the farm's 15 villas has private plunge pools and gardens.

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The best hotels in Sardinia

Leeds Bradford Airport destinations: 10 places to fly to - Times Travel (10)

10. WarsawPoland

In less than two and a half hours, fly Ryanair and you will be in the capital of Poland, Warsaw. The city was almost completely destroyed by the Nazis during the Second World War, but underwent an impressive five-year reconstruction in the late forties and early fifties, with the construction of the old city center and historical monuments. One tile has been restored to the extent that UNESCO recognized it as a World Heritage Site in 1980. Explore the city on foot, from the Royal Castle to the Soviet-era Palace of Culture and Science, there's no better way to immerse yourself in Polish history and culture. One of the oldest hotels in Warsaw,Raffles Europe Warsaw*, located in the city center, offers impressive modern interiors in a 19th-century neo-renaissance palace, as well as a business spa and gym.

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How far is the airport from the city center?

25 minutes from Leeds city center and less than 30 minutes from Bradford.

Is there a parking space?

Yes, there are six parking options to choose from, including short stay, long stay and meet and greet.

Can you get a PCR test at the airport?

Yes, with on-site supplier NPH Group.

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Inspired by your local Leeds Bradford Airport? this is the best packageJet2 holidays*ii love holidays*.If you're still not sure where to go or what kind of vacation to book, get in touchhereA designer travel expert will contact you to help you plan the perfect custom vacation.

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Leeds Bradford Airport destinations: 10 places to fly to - Times Travel? ›

Leeds Bradford (LBA) is a mid-sized airport in United Kingdom. You can fly to 76 destinations with 8 airlines in scheduled passenger traffic.

How many destinations from Leeds Bradford Airport? ›

Leeds Bradford (LBA) is a mid-sized airport in United Kingdom. You can fly to 76 destinations with 8 airlines in scheduled passenger traffic.

What are the new destinations from Leeds Bradford Airport? ›

Leeds Bradford Airport has announced it will offer a record-breaking 80 destinations in 2023 and 2024. New routes include Bergen in Norway, Porto in Portugal and Perpignan in France.

Which airline flies from Leeds? ›

AirlineOnlineGet in touch
Jet2holidaysVisit websiteContact
KLMVisit websiteContact
RyanairVisit websiteContact
TUI AirwaysVisit websiteContact
6 more rows

Where in Greece can you fly from Leeds Bradford? ›

You can currently fly directly to both Crete Chania and Crete Heraklion from Leeds Bradford airport.


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