The best websites to buy new or used wedding dresses (2023)

There is nothing more stressful than choosing a wedding dress. Many brides dream of walking down the aisle from a young age, treating their guests to a gorgeous gown that makes them feel amazing and gorgeous. Traditionally, you'd get a few friends together, schedule a bunch of appointments at local boutiques, and you're done! Today, there are new opportunities that make the experience a bit more complicated.

You can spend days reviewingwedding dresses on Pinterest, wondering if it's safe to buy a wedding dress online, wanting to continue having boutique days with friends, and then going back and forth between all the options. But let's be real for a second, since you buy everything online, why not pick up your wedding dress virtually and save yourself the mental and physical toll of walking from one place to another every Saturday for months on end?

That is why this post is focused on buying a wedding dress online. Today there are many amazing options for brides who want to buy directly from wedding dress websites. We've rounded up the best online wedding dress shops to help you get creative and even give you some wedding dress shopping tips that we hope will make things a little less stressful.


This is the question we hear the most when the topic of buying a wedding dress comes up in conversation. The reality today is that it is very safe to buy a wedding dress online. As always, the same rules apply to buying anything online, including:

Be sure to buy from reputable stores that you know and trust. If you find a dress on a small boutique website that you're not sure about, be sure to research it and look for reviews from real brides.

Check the return policy and delivery times. Most online wedding dress websites will have a clear description of how long it takes to get your dress, as well as their return policies. You don't want to be in a situation where you buy a dress and don't like it when you try it on, only to not be able to return it. Even if the store allows returns, you don't want to get stuck in a countdown of time to your wedding situation.

In general, there are many high-quality wedding dress websites, both from large retailers and small boutiques online. Set your budget, reserve your spot, and keep the season and location in mind when choosing your dress.


Here are five top tips to ensure your online wedding dress shopping goes smoothly.

know the language

The industry (like many others) has its own language, and as an outsider it can be awkward to enter as a newbie. To avoid feeling overwhelmed, Team Wedding recommends that you prepare by first learning the main parts of a wedding dress. check it coolWedding Dress Language Cheat Sheet.

Know your measurements

Know your measurements and don't do it yourself. Go to a seamstress and ask her to take your measurements correctly. Also, make sure that the website you are visiting has a size chart to help you determine the right size for you.

read the fine print

Make sure you are aware of the store's policies, especially regarding returns and shipping. We have seen sites that charge absurd amounts for delivery and do not accept returns. That might be fine for you, but if it's not, it's probably not the place to shop for your wedding dress.

Read product descriptions

Most of the brides see a photo of a wedding dress and fall in love. While quite technical, the dress descriptions help you understand exactly what she's shopping for, so be sure to read them. If you are not sure, ask an expert to help you figure it out.

Know your tissues

In the store, you can run the floss through your fingers, but online, you have to know exactly how each fabric folds and flexes. We recommend that you find an expert or a friend who can help you figure it out. Again, a great return policy comes in handy in case you buy fabric that isn't what you personally expected.


While we'd all love to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a name-brand custom wedding dress, the reality is that we all have budgets. With that in mind and the rapidly growing world of wedding dress shopping online, we've decided to create the ultimate list of the best places to buy your wedding dress online.

We've researched and vetted each of these locations, whether they have generous return policies (unlike bridal salons), free return shipping, or amazing designer sales, these are the most trusted and highly rated dress sites on the web client. If your idea of ​​fun isn't going from one bridal salon to another for weeks on end, then this is the list for you. Sit back on your iPad and lose yourself in a sea of ​​wedding dresses.

crew J

Classic through and through, and the largest collection. All the dresses are under $3,000.


A small but special selection, all under $1,000. Modern and stylish options.

Show and ship dresses at great discounts.

anna taylor

Smart, elegant and simple, the Ann Taylor collection looks amazing at reasonable prices.

the limited

Basic styles, but all dresses are incredible value under $500 in most cases. Great for the budget bride.


Although they only have a small selection, for under $1,000, their selection of wedding dresses is worth checking out.


It offers everything from Stella McCartney to self-portrait dresses.


A great selection of brands like Reem Acra and Monique Lhuillier.

david's girlfriend

No more old school. It has exclusive collections by Vera Wang and Zac Posen.

Saks Fifth Avenue

The online wedding store features a wide range of high-end and contemporary designers.


Dresses with the bohemian and vintage vibe you'd expect from Anthro. Most of the dresses are under $2,000.


Small selection of wedding dresses available to buy online. The rest are available in the store.


Sustainability experts help you find an eco-friendly wedding dress under $500.

pipe and swirl

Los Angeles-based bohemian womenswear line perfect for brides looking for romance and femininity.

income and freedom

Mix and match wedding tops, skirts and dresses to create a unique look for you. custom.


Topshop is a British multinational fashion company that sells all the must-have wedding dresses.


A unique home testing experience. Receive multiple dresses with a try-on kit at home. Next Generation.


Full length maxi style wedding dresses that are designed to make the heads of the guests turn. Thousands of options.

stone fox bride

The self-proclaimed “anti-girlfriend showroom” in midtown Manhattan that offers Skype calls if you're not a local. Cool.

Self Portrait

Calling all brides who don't want to spend their entire paycheck on a dress: the extravagant ready-to-wear brand now makes brides.

french novelty

It focuses mainly on bridesmaid and prom dresses, but occasionally has a proper wedding dress.

prom brides and castle

Castle has a strong collection of bridal and prom dresses, all available with worldwide shipping.

Operation mode

For the die-hard types who need to have it before anyone else, Moda Operandi has dresses straight off the runway.

Nupcial LUXEredux

The LUXE in a BOX service delivers three dresses of your choice to your doorstep. Try it out in the luxury of your own space.

FWRD Wedding Store

In addition to sophisticated heavyweights, you'll find options from edgier brands and exclusive designers.

Fame and Partners

Calling itself the "personal workshop of the modern woman," Fame and Partners allows for total customization.


Modest selection of affordable wedding dresses. Fashionable dresses at very reasonable prices for those on a budget.


Some of the most beautiful designer pieces available at the click of a button, including shoes and accessories. Always up to date with trends.

Show me you MuMu

Bohemian styles, fairytale touches, and jumpsuits are included in this modern mix of affordable options (for both brides and bridesmaids).


The queen of eclectic has a host of inexpensive and extravagant options for fun-loving brides.


Whether you don't want your expensive gown gathering dust in your closet or you're looking to recoup some cash after your wedding, check out our reviews of the best sites to buy or sell your used wedding dress.

Second-hand wedding

One of the original sites to connect used dress buyers and sellers with a wide selection.

A tasteful website and blog with a beautiful selection of pre-owned designer dresses.

Our selection of used bridesmaid dresses.

almost newlyweds

This site has dresses worth checking out. Beautiful dresses and a user-friendly website make it a breeze to find what you're looking for.


Huge selection of wedding dresses on eBay. Just don't get swayed by the deals and be sure to check their return policies.


The place to go if you're looking for the cheapest wedding dresses (and we mean price, not quality). A bit sketchy, but the advantage here is that it's local, so you can try on the dresses in person and negotiate the price to your advantage.


Beautiful dresses and a great website make this a great way to find a second hand dress. You can browse pre-owned wedding dresses by tag or browse the listings in the coveted "Editor's Picks" section.

still white

A specific marketplace for used wedding dresses. It offers a wide range of pre-owned wedding dresses, from Vera Wang and Pronovias to Essense of Australia and Maggie Sottero.

rent the track

It's not the most common way to find a wedding dress, but they are technically used dresses and it's totally acceptable to rent them now.

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